Sunday, June 1, 2014

Emerson's Dance Recital!

Emerson's year of dance came to an end last night with her recital. She was the cutest little dancer and made us smile. She's always been a little song bird and dancer, but it was fun to watch her on the stage. Brought back many dance and cheer memories! 

Cliff and the boys gave Emerson BEAUTIFUL flowers. She loooooved them. They are in her room now, and won't let me display them in the home.

 Below: Two friends from church.

We finished the night with some Teppanyaki at Shogun! The kids loved the atmosphere, and Emerson kept saying all night long, "It's my special night!"

Sunday, May 25, 2014

My Outdoors Lover

While his brother and sister are involved in busy things that get a lot of attention, like dance, soccer, t-ball, and school... this kid keeps busy himself. All my kids like being outside, but this one is more like obsessed with it. He'll stand at the door until I let him out. He loves the trampoline, his little scooter/bikes, and he loves to get dirty and dig. Thanks to our dog, we have plenty of dig-friendly places {arg}

Friday, May 23, 2014

T-ball Comes to an End {bittersweet}

We had a blast this year in t-ball. It has ended, and while Stone is sad to say goodbye to the season, our evenings have freed up a bit! As we pulled out of the parking lot, he said, "Ugh. I was just really getting it! I'm not ready for it be over. What's next?!" He's already ready for another sport. Football camp is coming up soon!

I took a few pictures before our last game.

The serious athletic face....

Stone seriously became the master of double plays! He'd tag one kid out, and run to the opposite side of the field and tag another one out. Last night at his last game, he had two double plays, among other outs (the kids never really caught onto the whole passing the ball thing). He LOVES a good game of tag, so he was in heaven.

(below: he's in the pitcher position...his favorite because he gets the ball the most! ...also pictured, Cliff positioning everyone. He was head coach this year!)

Last night he had 2 AWESOME hits. He was really beginning to improve his swing. I think we'll have fun at a batting cage this summer.

After each game, Emerson and Stone always ran the bases.

Stone with his favorite coach. I have a crush on the coach. Shhh! :)

And what do my other two do during every game? They actually did AWESOME this season. They really did. These pictures were taken last night, but pretty much sum up how they did baseball games all season.

Emerson did many cartwheels by the dugout (my mom tells me I used to get in trouble doing this by the dugout at Jordan's games. Apparently I liked to show off. The coach asked my parents to keep me away from there because I was a distraction. lol).

We kept the concession stands in business with many pickles, nachos, popcorn, sodas, bottled water, bubble gum, sour punch, and blow pops. No, really.

Emerson regularly picked "flowers".

She also made everyone nervous with her monkey climbing abilities.

THIS LITTLE GUY! Oh my gosh. He was a rock star. He stayed put in his stroller for A LOT of the season, so long as he had concession goodies to keep him busy for the hour. Whenever we were on the good side of the field where there was plenty of free running space, he'd get unbuckled. But he was actually content, and so so wonderful.

Plenty of playing in the dirt...

I get this look a lot from him...

So glad Stone loves sports. I come from a sport loving family, and Cliff, of course, was quite the athlete. It was a great season, but we're ready for summer!!