Monday, February 16, 2015

Baby #4 in the belly...

This pregnancy has certainly gone by the quickest of all 4. Probably because life is much busier and crazier now than ever with 3 active children whom keep me on my toes, but laughing all the while. We are so excited to have another little baby in the house. The new born stage is one of my favorites, and I'm so excited to have that soon! This pregnancy has been identical to the others. I've been blessed with easy pregnancies, no morning sickness, no throwing up at all, and the usual crazing of EL PASO Mexican food. You don't understand Mexican food until you know El Paso Mexican food. No out out here in East Texas understands my cravings. They have no idea that El Paso Mexican food exists. Their lives would be changed forever if they had it... :)

Here are a few maternity pics Cliff snapped of me. Baby Belly #4!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Emerson V. 5.0

Happy birthday, Emerson Rose! I can't believe this little princess is FIVE! She's such a joy, and makes having a little girl so so so much fun. We had a princess party for her with a Disney princess bounce house, and she was IN HEAVEN.

Emerson 5.0
*Obsessed with makeup.
*Obsessed with princesses.
*LOVES cottage cheese.
*I'll go onto add that she loves cottage cheese burritos with honey.
*Still in dance. Her favorite part of dance is the gymnastics portion. She LOVES doing "tricks"
*Getting ready to start soccer for the first time.
*Loves to help clean up around the house.
*Loves painting.
*Loves milk.
*Loves her baby dolls, and just can't seem to have enough.

And from her party: We had:
*Cinderella's Fairy Godmother's Magic Wands (Chocolate dipped pretzel sticks)
*Snow White's not-so-poisoned apples (apple slices dipped in caramel with sprinkles)
*Jasmine's Jello
*Elsa's Bread Braids
*Gus' Cheese 
*Ariel's Fish Friends

And check out this amazing cake my friend made!! Not only does it look amazing, it tasted incredible. The cream cheese frosting was AMAZING. I won't tell you how many I ate. But I'm eating for two, so it's okay.

We had an Ariel fishing station...

Stone was the master behind the fence...

We also played pin-the-lips on the frog, and then we had a Frozen piƱata. I'm missing those pictures!
And the best part....the Disney princess castle.

She jumped in it ALL day. Before her friends showed up, and long after until the sun went down.

 This was the invitation we gave out. It was printing on special shimmery paper, and rolled up as a scroll: