Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Stone, the Wolf.

This guy has begun scouts. How is that already possible?!

This begins our Wednesday night routine at the church for the next 18 years of lives. If you're unfamiliar with our church, the youth meet every Wednesday. It begins for boys at age 8 with scouts (and then they transition to the church's youth program activities when they are 12), and it's every other week for "activity days" for the girls ages 8-11. They also transition to weekly activities at age 12. So what I'm saying, is we have started, and we will keep at it until Cruz is 18 and graduated. 


Monday, June 8, 2015

Trip to the Utah farm!

Cliff's grandpa turned 80 in May, and we got to be there for his big birthday/family reunion. He has more than 50 grand kids and more than 30 great grandkids, and most of them were all there to celebrate his life. Amazing, right? Imagine how he feels looking out and seeing his posterity all in one room. Incredible.

The highlight of the trip was the farm, of course. The kids got to milk cows and ride horses. They were in heaven. They loved every single minute of it. I loved being back in Utah. The mountains and farmland were amazing, and the weather was incredible. I hope we get to go back sooner, rather than later. What an amazing trip!

Field Day/End of Year {Stone}

Stone anxiously waited for Field Day to roll around. It was delayed twice, and we were afraid we'd never actually get to see the day. East Texas had several storms like crazy pretty much since the snow started to fall at the end of February. The soccer season (for both Stone and Emerson) ended up being cancelled. They each played a few games, but week after week, they were cancelled. If it wasn't raining, it was flooded from the rain the night before. The amount of rainfall was CRAZY.

Well they rescheduled it one last time for the last day of school, so we crossed our fingers hoping it would stay clear. It did, and he did amazing!

He made the relay team for his class (the two fasted boys and girls were put on the relay). He kicked boo-tay! He took everything about Field Day very seriously. He also ran the 75 meter dash, and the 100 m dash, and the softball throw. He got blue ribbons in all his events. His relay won their heat, and got 2nd overall.

Great job to this {crazy} competitive boy.

And as for his end of year assembly, he received a bunch of reading awards and A/B honor roll. The only B he received was an 89 one grading period. AN 89! If you can't tell, we are super proud of this kid.

Friday, May 29, 2015

Emerson Graduates Pre School!

Remember this girl on her first day of Pre School?

Here she is on her last...

I can't believe we have another soon-to-be kindergartner. This girl is full of happiness, songs, and love.

My camera died JUST as the assembly was beginning. Cruz was crying, and Knox was running around like a crazy two-year-old. This is what I got with my phone...

This was her sweet teacher, Mrs. Louann. This was her last year teaching. Stone also had her, and we love her!

Thursday, April 30, 2015

A boy and his superheroes.

Knox really just discovered Superman. Superman was Stone's first superhero obsession, but he's moved on since then. Now, Stone's number one is Flash, and Spiderman probably comes in 2nd, with any of the Avengers barely behind. Naturally, Knox's lineup follows Stone's, so Superman has been a little unknown, which is crazy, considering Superman is Cliff's number one, and really was Stone's for so so long.

Well, he found the Superman cape, and Cliff's large superman action hero, pulled out the Superman t-shirts, and let me tell ya...he thinks he's Superman now, and he thinks he can fly. I carried some groceries into the house, and by the time I came out to get my second load, I found Knox climbing on TOP of my car in his cape. We had a serious conversation after that about heights and abilities. Not sure what stuck from that conversation!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

What's in a name?

When I introduce my kids to people, one of the first things I get asked is, "Where do you get their names??" Well...

Starting with Stone, when we found out it was a boy, it was decided it needed to be a tough name that sounds good on the football field (yes, I'm serious). "That's a touch down by Stone Jessup!" or "That's a tackle by Stone Jessup!" We had a couple names lined up for child #1. In addition to the football field name, it had to be somewhat unique.
     Middle name is Clifford. Had to use daddy's name in there. It's like a must....right?!

My mom casually mentioned the name Emerson when I was pregnant with #2. It stuck. I loved it. We had another name in mind (Presley). Cliff was looking at our sweet baby girl (un-named) while she lay in the nursery. Next to him, was a father, also adoring his daughter, right next to ours. Her name was Presley. Cliff came back and said it obviously wasn't unique enough if the baby NEXT to her, born within MINUTES of her was named that. So Emerson won.
     Middle name is Rose. My middle name is Rose. I loved the way it sounded. It just rings. Emerson Rose. Rock star chick. Right?!

We were told child #3 was a boy. Same criteria. Football field sounding name. And after getting used to a strong one syllable name from boy #1, we added on a 3rd requirement. Boy names in our family must be one syllable. We had a few good ones, but Knox was the winner.
     Middle name is Sterling. We tested a bunch of names. I feel like middle names have to mean something since our first names are just kind of random in a way. We came across the name Sterling, and Cliff does have a cousin with that name, so that was enough for it to be significant, I suppose. I just loved the way it sounded.

Child #4 is a boy. Same criteria. Football. Unique. One Syllable. Our list of boy names for child #4, boy #3 was completely different from the other 2 lists of boy #1 and #2. Cruz also has a little Latin flavor going. Heritage, right? I just really liked it.
     Middle name is Rockwell. Have you heard of Porter Rockwell? AWESOME man in our early church history. Look him up. That's a pretty dang significant name if you ask me.

There you have it folks. Our kids names.