Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Emerson Turns Three!

My baby girl is no longer a baby. She is such a grown up little girl, and this photo shoot made it apparent to me. 

Having a new baby has taught me to hang onto every single moment. I've been going through baby photos of Stone and Emerson to compare them to Knox (hello triplets). And it's sad, because I feel like I don't remember those days of Stone and Emerson being infants. I'm so glad I have this blog to look back on pictures, memories, and stories. 

Knox has taught me to hang onto every moment with each chid of mine. I'm sure a couple years from now, it will be hard to remember what Emerson was like as a three year old. But I hope I forever remember every single stage. So here goes:

*3 ft 2 in/34 pounds 
*She has the perfect amount of sass
*She continues to stick up for herself
*She loves our new dog, but is not afraid to swat him if he nips at her or jumps on her. She's totally in control with that relationship (Stone may be a different story!).
*She continues to LOVE animals (hence the new puppy we got).
*She is our song bird. She is ALWAYS singing. Especially in the car. She loves my Zumba music (even though most of it is in Spanish), and asks me to play it.
*She is always twirling around in circles
*She is OBSESSED with Dora. She has seen every single episode on Netflix MULTIPLE times. And she has learned all the Spanish that Dora uses. She even uses it.
*She still loves her baby brother, and always still asks to hold him.
*She is still a daddy's girl (but she loves me, too!)--and she tells us ON THE HOUR (literally) that she loves us.

She is EXACTLY the little girl I have always wanted. 

I love the following face. This is her surprised/embarrassed face. We went out to dinner for her birthday, and when they sang Happy Birthday, this was the EXACT face she made the entire time, while she stared at each server singing.

Okay, I did not stretch those eyes!! My kids all have anime eyes. I love them.

As I mentioned, she is obsessed with Dora. So we had a Dora Ballerina party, and it was a hit. Emerson was in heaven.

This was her invitation:

Her party favors:

Since Dora is a little Latina, I thought I'd do a salsa bar for the moms:

Cliff made an INCREDIBLE map for the party. If you're not familiar with Dora, in every episode, she has some sort of "problem" and solves it by going to/through 3 different places. Here is the map (it was a tri fold).

It all started with "River Blue Tile" where the kids played Pin the Tail on Swiper (a Dora character).

Then they moved to the Ballet Living Room, where they danced with Dora. We choreographed a dance for Dora to do certain moves with a game online, and the girls followed her. I think this was Emerson's favorite part.

 Then we moved to the Front Yard Mountain, where we had a Dora pinata.

Then, we had cake and ice cream (and other treats):

 And opened presents:

She had a fabulous time. I don't think we could have had a better theme for her party this year. She LOVES Dora, and she LOVES dancing. 


McMemories said...

Oh my cuteness!!! You are such a fun mommy!!!! She is such a perfect Dora!!! Happy Birthday cute girl!!!!

Connie said...

She is so darn delightful! I love every single thing about this post! Everything! Love her so much.

Connie said...

Oh and the decorations, cake, food, attendees...all adorable!

Evan and Lauren said...

What a sweet girl!! Love how Cliff sat on the roof to control the pinata haha

amynicole said...

Fun party! Her little 3 year mark portraits are darling.

Kristen and Andrew said...

ADORABLE!! Beautiful little girl- and awesome party!! Mt two favorite things... Her Dora hair on the invite (LOL) and the protective older brother in all the pics at the party! haha All three are so lucky to have you and Cliff!

Janadt.Huggins said...

The Dora party was totally off the hook awesome! Azure is still talking about how fun she had. I'm shocked you didn't blog about the part where you bashed Dora's head into the side of your garage!!!! Good times. Thanks again for inviting us. We loved every minute.