Thursday, August 30, 2007

Rice Cereal and Peaches!

Before we moved to Lubbock, our pediatrican suggested we feed Stone rice cereal occasionaly before bed to help him sleep longer stretches through the night and to prevent him from spitting up. Well, it appears he likes milk more, but we decided to add baby peaches to the mix the other night, and oh boy did he like it!

We had fun with it, and we let him try peaches alone. As you can see, it sure made him happy. For now, this will be an occasional thing--milk it still is. :)

Here he is in his Cowboy pajamas. Giddy up!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Salt Lake City to Lubbock, Texas! that we're settled in, it's time to get serious with the blog. :) We made our move from Salt Lake City down to Lubbock, Texas last week, and we're just about settled in.

Cliff's mandatory law school orientation (at Texas Tech) actually began during his last week of classes at BYU. Therefore, he had to miss graduation, as well as a group presentation for his cap stone class, which he had worked so hard on during the summer.

I hated the fact he had to miss his graduation, so I made some phone calls, borrowed a cap and gown, and took fake graduation pics a couple days before we headed out of Utah.

My dad and Cliff's parents and brother (Clay) helped move us down to Lubbock. Stone and I flew down, instead (Doctor's orders!), by way of Arizona. While in Arizona, Stone took his first swim in his Superman swim suit. He slept through the whole experience!

While in Arizona, Stone got to meet his cousin, Sebastian (Sheldon's son).

He also got to meet his Great Grandpa Brown!

...and my Aunt, Charisse.

As a part of the journey, he got to take his first plane ride! He was an angel for the most part. I was soooo nervous to do the whole airport thing without Cliff, but it turned out to be a success.

And during this busy time, we celebrated our 3 year wedding anniversary the day I flew into Lubbock!! Even with a new baby, I feel like we're still on the honeymoon! I have the best hubby ever!!