Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Emerson's Valentine's Day Party

I tend to think our mother's had it a bit easier sans Pinterest. It's like there's this very high standard to create really awesome things for every.single.thing. And though I am not a "crafter" per se, I am a creative (you know...a photographer, Photoshop enthusiast, former ad agency girl {though at the agency I was an account man, I mean lady}), and with that, means I must craft when crafting is called for. And when you get a note that says to make a Valentine's box, you know the shoe box just doesn't do justice anymore like it once did when I was in pre-school. So I asked Emerson what she wanted. She said a castle. So a castle is what we did. I thought it turned out pretty awesome. And Cliff gets major credit for this one, because he is quite the artist, and put in most the effort on this one.

Anything for you, Princess. {kiss kiss} 
After all, she is the girl I really did pray for, and I love girly things, so let's do it right!

Monday, February 16, 2015

Baby #4 in the belly...

This pregnancy has certainly gone by the quickest of all 4. Probably because life is much busier and crazier now than ever with 3 active children whom keep me on my toes, but laughing all the while. We are so excited to have another little baby in the house. The new born stage is one of my favorites, and I'm so excited to have that soon! This pregnancy has been identical to the others. I've been blessed with easy pregnancies, no morning sickness, no throwing up at all, and the usual crazing of EL PASO Mexican food. You don't understand Mexican food until you know El Paso Mexican food. No out out here in East Texas understands my cravings. They have no idea that El Paso Mexican food exists. Their lives would be changed forever if they had it... :)

Here are a few maternity pics Cliff snapped of me. Baby Belly #4!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Due Date Twin

My dear friend, Veronica, is due the SAME day as me. Pretty awesome, right?! We go to church together, get together regularly for girls night out, and get together for play dates. This is #4 for both of us. We have pretty awesome friends that threw a fantastic shower for both of us! It was supposed to just be a girls night out, and we were surprised with an awesome baby shower. My friends here in Longview are one of a kind. I'm blessed to be surrounded by amazing women.