Saturday, June 1, 2013

Knox turns 9 months old!

Life just keeps getting sweeter. This little bundle of joy isn't so little anymore! I see other friends with their babies, and it's then that I realize my baby isn't so much a baby anymore! In my head, he's that little, until I see him side by side with a wee one. 

We are so blessed with Knox. He brings a calming feeling to the mix here in the Jessup household. He rarely fusses, and he's always up for anything we put him through. I've always thought he was my chunk-a-lunk, but his stats at his 9 month check-up showed him below average. I was shocked!

At 9 months, this little one:

*Laughs like crazy at everything
*Has two cute little teeth on the bottom
*Cruises around on things--stands up, and walks along side the couch
*Still prefers to crawl
*Isn't sleeping through the night as well as he once did
*But takes awesome naps
*Eats anything he can get his hands on
*Waves hello and goodbye

We love him SO much. He brings SO much joy to our home. Can't believe his first birthday is around the corner!