Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Staying Cool

These days, the only way we are outside is at the pool. We have a great little routine each morning. I teach fitness classes while the kids play with their friends in the "Kids Kourt", and then we change into our swim suits and swim, swim, swim. It's really the only way to survive an east Texas summer.

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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Almost 7 months Pregnant...

Well I guess it's time I put up some real belly shots! You know how they say the mechanic's car runs the worst? That's how I sometimes feel about capturing my own moments and family moments. Ideally,  I would have liked to take these a few weeks ago before I became as ginormous as I am now. But we couldn't have asked for a more perfect day to do this. Oh, and I do feel strange posting pictures of JUST me. Which is why you get a few extra at the end. :)

Some people ask me if I am trained or self taught with my photography (if you don't know, I have a business, Kendal Jessup Photography). I am self taught, but the truth is I was kind of trained by Cliff. I got into photography just a little in high school in a journalism class. It was film age, and we developed it in the dark room. Though I loved it, I didn't stick with it. Cliff, on the other hand, had a great interest in photography. While we were engaged, we attended BYU-Hawaii as visiting students (we were full time students at the main campus in Utah). We had some fun with photography there, but it wasn't until he was in law school that I became completely obsessed with photography. Cliff and I got serious about it together. He'd come with me on some shoots, and help at some weddings. We learned Photoshop together. It was his creative outlet during his rigorous law school routine, and I became addicted. Before I knew it, I had a full on business.

So we ended a PERFECT Saturday with a photo shoot at a beautiful location. It was stormy off and on all day yesterday. In between the storms, we somehow made it to a trail to bike, run, and walk as a family. Between the next set of storms, we made it to the pool and then out for some prime rib for an early Father's Day celebration. Luckily it had cleared up completely, and we made it out to take a few shots.

So these, friends, were taken by Cliff.

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We tried desperately for a photo with the kids, and well, this was the best we got....

While I was changing, Cliff got this awesome shot of the kids. They posed themselves. Cliff just shot.

And as far as my pregnancy, things continue to be great. Still teaching my fitness classes, and still at the pool every day with the kiddos. Great videos and underwater shots coming soon. Stay tuned!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

We love summer!

We love summer time. ....however, let's not mistake that for loving east Texas summers (because it's hard to love triple digits and 95% humidity; although, we don't have much to complain about yet. It's been pretty mild thus far).

Pretty much, we love popsicles and pool time.

We've been at the pool every day this week, and will keep it up as a daily tradition all summer long. There are two main reasons I love the pool. ONE--it wears my kids out.

Exhibit A:

(disclaimer: all photos taken with my phone. I know it's not a big deal, but as a photographer, I feel like I have to clarify that. As much as I love my camera, it seems to stay in my bag during the summer with pools and what not).


Exhibit B:


TWO: It takes care of our daily activity/outing, and it doesn't matter that it is the same thing every day, because there is no place my kids would rather be.

And though I've had more flattering pictures in my day, I must share with you how unfair it is that my kids have the perfect olive complexion that just gets darker and darker being out in the sun, while I burn red as a cherry, no matter the sunscreen I apply. Stone said, "oooooh Mommy. You are RED." Then he followed it up by saying, "I guess I'm just like chocolate milk, huh?"


Our daily routine starts with me teaching at the gym (still doctor approved, so don't freak out). My summer schedule is actually perfect. I teach Zumba in the morning, followed by Aqua Zumba outside. Then, I grab my kids, put their suits on, and we swim until lunch time. I still teach "Just Weights" followed by Spin, but only once a week with the summer schedule (so three days a week, doubled up).

So here is my first belly shot on the blog this pregnancy. 6 months in my Zumba gear. Why yes, I can still "pump" it, body roll, cha-cha, salsa, etc. I will admit there are a few shaking movements that I do half out now that I find a little more uncomfortable. And sure I probably look ridiculous (and totally realize it when we turn to the side and pump it, and I see my reflection); but I love it, and will keep it up so long as doc says it's okay!


My kids got to pick out something for the pool, and they immediately went for the goggles. I ended up getting new pairs today. And this is why:

haha! Poor girl got droopy eyes from her goggles. Stone's did the same. You get what you pay for. I went back for some better ones early this morning (side note: I started a new tradition today--waking up early to grocery shop sans kids before Cliff goes to work. Now I don't have to either go on my Saturday mornings, or drag the kids during the week).

New goggles:


So we are loving summer time! It started out busy. I made a trip to El Paso by myself this past weekend to shoot a wedding. We were going to make it a family affair again, but didn't we just get back? So Cliff took a day off of work, and then watched them for the weekend. I asked if he had anything fun in mind to do while I was gone. He said, "Babe. The goal is survival." Happy to report they all not only survived, but had a great time.

This is what I've been up to in my spare time this summer:


...that's 4 weddings I shot in 5 weeks, not to mention several sessions in between each wedding. Nap/quiet time has been spent editing. That daily afternoon nap I was getting used to for a while has been replaced with Photoshop and images. But I LOVE it. There is something so rewarding about finishing images that people will cherish for the rest of their lives.

I have one more wedding to shoot for the summer, and one wedding to be in for my cousin (or shall I say sister), Ashley (yes, with an 8 month pregnant belly!).

Happy summertime to all!