Monday, April 25, 2011

Another Wonderful Easter!

This past week has been fun filled with Easter egg hunts and beautiful weather!

We tried explaing the meaning of Easter to Stone this year. I don't think he fully comprehended it (but do any of us?). I want him to know at his young age, who the Savior is, what he did for us, and why we will live again after this life. It is such an understatement to say I am grateful for my Savior, Jesus Christ. I don't just have faith that Jesus Christ lives. I know it. There is no way I can ever deny this, because I have learned it for myself. At some point, it seems as though we all lean on someone else's testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ, until we learn for ourselves what it all really means, and that it all really is true. We believe because that is how we are brought up. Then there comes a turning point, where we decide for ourselves if we believe in all of this. ...That the gospel is true. ...That Jesus Christ lived, died, and was ressurrected. ...And therefore, WE will live again after we have left this earth. There comes a point where we believe this ourselves, or we don't. I reached this point many years ago, and I will never be able to deny Jesus Christ, and that he lives. I will stand as a witness at all times, because I know this to be true.

It weighs heavy on my heart when I hear people say they don't believe in Jesus Christ, that he is our Savior. I want so bad for these people to FEEL what I feel every day. To KNOW what I know. To EXPERIENCE the healing power of the atonement of Jesus Christ. THEN, they will know what happiness truly is. THEN, they will know that there is a Savior who died for us, who walked down a long, dark, lonely path, JUST so that we DON'T HAVE TO. We may find ourselves in dark places. In lonely instances. But we can escape that. We can have everlasting happiness and life, because HE has made that possible.

I have posted this video on my blog before, but Elder Holland says it all so perfectly. If you haven't seen this video, please watch it! THIS is what I believe.

And to celebrate this holiday, we indulged in egg hunts, too much candy, and lots of laughs.

Egg hunt 1: She couldn't wait to go through her basket, so she snacked while she hunted.
Who said my kids are full of facial expressions? Oh yeah, everybody...

Do you see them?! Her two top teeth have broken through. This girl now has 4 teeth.

My little Texas cowgirl. I heart Texas. I heart cowboy boots. I heart PINK cowboy boots.

This kid plays HARD.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Slip and Slide!

Something I was not aware of before moving back east in the great Lone Star how BEAUTIFUL spring time is here! Oh my gosh. We have been SO blessed with amazing weather for the past couple months now. I know the brutal summer is right around the corner with triple digit temperatures and what feels like 100% humidity, but for now, we are enjoying the beautiful weather.

We recently got the kids a slip and slide, and they are loving it. The first day, Stone INSISTED Emerson wear his baby Superman swimsuit. By day two, I called the shots with a cute bikini from Grandma Jessup. :)

Trying to figure out how to stop the water...

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Farm Boy Strength or Pretty Boy Muscles?

Both. My man's got both.

You have your Clark Kent muscles out there. The farm boys, or in Cliff's case, an occasional ranch boy. They get buff from building fences and lifting hay. Similarly, Cliff built houses with his dad, and also worked on his family's ranch growing up.

Then you have your pretty boy muscles. The boys that hit the gym and indulged in free weights. Cliff did (and does) that, too.

So what I'm saying, is he's built strong. Farm {Ranch} strength and gym strength. And with those muscles, I put him to work.

Here is one more reason why my hubby is cooler than yours. He installed our floors! We (ahem, Cliff) just put bamboo floors in our new home, and they look fantastic. He's one of the few lawyers I know that can install floors properly and wonderfully.

As far as the kids, they are loving having a backyard with plenty of space to run around in.

Check this out. You may recognize Stone's shirt. See here. Yes, he is still wearing it, though it is completely worn out. He threw it at me yesterday, and said, "Mommy, this has Cheeto stuff all over. I need you to wash it."

And this pretty girl, is still making us smile.

Oh, and Stone is a good helper, too. He was raking up some leaves.