Wednesday, May 26, 2010

First Swim of the Season

Hooray for warm weather and great Vitamin D. Oh how I love Spring and Summer.

Guess who's sportin' a teeny-tiny bikini? That would be Miss Emerson Rose.

Didn't even take a minute for Stone to remember how much he loves swimming. He is such a fish. He actually played in a little pool in our friends' backyard last week and had a blast.

Ooooh la la I married good.
This was her first reaction (not so happy): But she grew to like it rather quickly...

I love my little family.

and I love pool time!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Texas Tech Law School Graduation

He did it. We did it. We're done.
Now it's just this teeny tiny thing called the bar.
The Texas Tech mascot is the Red Raider (not an Italian Renaissance Executioner, as the picture may suggest), and the TTU slogan is "get your guns up!" ....hence my hubby in his graduation robe holding his brand new shot gun. No, he's not crazy.
This man...
...just earned THREE degrees in SIX years. Impressive, right? I think so.
Last weekend, he graduated with a Master's in Personal Financial Planning AND with his law degree. A little hard core, if I say so myself.
It's hard to believe this journey is coming to an end. I feel like we just moved to Lubbock. 3 years ago, I would have never guessed that Lubbock would grow on me the way it has, and that I would gain a fond apprecation for this place and the people. We have enjoyed every minute of our time here in Lubbock. We heart Texas.
Below: Cliff with some of his close buddies from these last three years.

More of his close buddies:

And these are the wives. ...some of my closest friends from our time here in Lubbock.
All of us... Where's Waldo?

Below: "I've got myself a lawyer!!"

It was a great weekend celebration. We loved having family in town to celebrate Cliff's awesome achievements. I really am so proud of my hubby. He has worked SO hard to be where he is. He's basically been going to school year round since we started together back at BYU-Hawaii.
The thing that impresses me the most is that Cliff has been the most involved father, and never once put his school work and studies ahead of his family. He made it a point to set his priorities straight in the beginning, and never let anything come before us. As we entered law school, I was warned I would not know my husband for the next three years, and boy did Cliff prove all those people wrong.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Remember the Rolling Stone? Yes, I know they look identical. Well, Emerson has rolled over! She's been trying really hard for a few days, and did it this morning, and WON'T stop now. She's proving to be a quick learner like her brother, and I'm not sure that I'm ready for her to be mobile yet! She gets so excited after she rolls over, like she's proud of herself. Way to go, Emerson!

Oh, and please ignore my baby voice. yeeesh.

Oh, and this boy....

said, "Good job!! I'm so proud of you. You got it." Where does he come up with these things? Sweet boy.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day

Cliff and I started dating nine (EEK!) years ago, and at the time, Stone and Emerson were not even a thought (I was a sophomore in high school). I've always known I wanted to be a mom, and I had the perfect example of what kind of mother I wanted to be (my mom!). Fast forward a few years, and I have these two, awesome kidlets:
...and while it is the greatest responsibility I have ever been given, it is by far the most rewarding and joyous. Stone regularly tells me he loves me (even when I smash his two fingers HARD in the door like yesterday :( (okay, maybe that "i love you" was a little delayed) can see the bandaids in the picture), and it makes those challenging moments I have with him, all fade away. Then you have Emerson, who after church yesterday, had that white headband over her eyes like sunglasses, and we hadn't noticed. There she was smiling and talking, even though completely uncomfortable. She is easy going, chill, loveable, cuddly. The most perfect little girl. She is exactly what I needed for my second child.

And then I have an awesome hubby right there by my side. He spoiled me yesterday, and gave Stone a special part in helping to make Mother's Day a special day. I am so grateful to be a mother, and I'm so grateful to have a mother that raised me in a way I try to raise my children on a daily basis. And of course, an awesome mother-in-law that raised my hubby to be the man he is today.

Hope you moms had a great day!

Saturday, May 8, 2010


When I witness sweet moments like this... makes the "terrible-two" moments not seem so bad.

Stone is quite a sponge. He is so smart. He has his "Super Friends" books (Superman, Batman, Aquaman, Flash, etc.) that he literally recites word for word. He remembers everything he hears, and you better believe you will hear it again come out of his mouth. Thank goodness we have clean mouths (for the most part, hehe). For example...

In one of his movies (I think it's Toy Story? Correct me if I'm wrong), they say, "shut up." I didn't realize it at first. Well, one day, he was playing with his action figures, and they were "talking" to one another. He had one of them say, "shut up." I said, "Stone! Where did you hear that??" He said, "my movie." I said, "you do NOT say that. That's a bad word. We don't say bad words. DON'T say bad words." It happened a couple times after that, and he got my same reaction.

Well, today, we went out to lunch, and Stone was being a total stinker. He knew I was frustrated, so then he got mad at me, made an angry face, and said, "BAD WORDS! I SAY BAD WORDS!" Cliff and I looked at each other a little confused. Then Stone said, "BAD WORDS!" Then, we realized, he was trying to make me mad. I had told him, "Don't say bad words!" ...and so he said, "BAD WORDS". HA HA. So I guess he doesn't realize "shut up" is a bad word. He thinks "bad words" is the phrase he is not supposed to say. Good news is he hasn't said "shut up" recently.

Other things he has said recently that made us laugh:

*After trying to hang from our front gate, Cliff told Stone, "get down from there, you're going to fall." Stone said, "Don't tempt me, Daddy."

*You can imagine that Stone has maybe had a spanking here and there. Well, Cliff gave him a love pat (not to be mistaken as a spankin'), and Stone didn't understand it. He said, "Mommy! Daddy spanked me! I good boy!" And Cliff said, "ooooh Stone, it's a cariño!" ...which in Spanish, means a way to show affection. ...a love pat in this case.
...SO, the other day, Cliff said, "STONE!! If you do that again, you're getting a spankin'!" and Stone bent over, put his bum in Cliff's direction, and said, "noooo Daddy! How 'bout a cariño!"

*While we're on a Spanish note...when Cliff tickles Stone, he makes Stone say, "Uncle" to stop. Well, the other night, Cliff was tickling him, and said, "say parangaricutirimicuaro!"'s a common Spanish tongue-twister. It is actually the location of a volcano in Mexico. ...I think? Stone said, "ABUELITO!!! ABUELITO!!!" ...Spanish for "grandpa". ...Which is what he refers to Marcy's father as (his Mexican great grandpa). I think it's funny that he heard a similarity in the words and knew they belonged in the same language.

Well there's a Stone fix for ya.