Monday, June 8, 2015

Trip to the Utah farm!

Cliff's grandpa turned 80 in May, and we got to be there for his big birthday/family reunion. He has more than 50 grand kids and more than 30 great grandkids, and most of them were all there to celebrate his life. Amazing, right? Imagine how he feels looking out and seeing his posterity all in one room. Incredible.

The highlight of the trip was the farm, of course. The kids got to milk cows and ride horses. They were in heaven. They loved every single minute of it. I loved being back in Utah. The mountains and farmland were amazing, and the weather was incredible. I hope we get to go back sooner, rather than later. What an amazing trip!

Field Day/End of Year {Stone}

Stone anxiously waited for Field Day to roll around. It was delayed twice, and we were afraid we'd never actually get to see the day. East Texas had several storms like crazy pretty much since the snow started to fall at the end of February. The soccer season (for both Stone and Emerson) ended up being cancelled. They each played a few games, but week after week, they were cancelled. If it wasn't raining, it was flooded from the rain the night before. The amount of rainfall was CRAZY.

Well they rescheduled it one last time for the last day of school, so we crossed our fingers hoping it would stay clear. It did, and he did amazing!

He made the relay team for his class (the two fasted boys and girls were put on the relay). He kicked boo-tay! He took everything about Field Day very seriously. He also ran the 75 meter dash, and the 100 m dash, and the softball throw. He got blue ribbons in all his events. His relay won their heat, and got 2nd overall.

Great job to this {crazy} competitive boy.

And as for his end of year assembly, he received a bunch of reading awards and A/B honor roll. The only B he received was an 89 one grading period. AN 89! If you can't tell, we are super proud of this kid.