Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Stone Playing

Well, my mom called me today and said she was talking to my aunt (Lorette) and they agreed it was time for a new post. So here is a video I captured a few mornings ago.

Check out Stone's face at the beginning when he's banging his toys on the red candy tin.

Walk update: This video doesn't do it justice, but Stone is walking EVERYWHERE (it all began about a month ago). I don't think I've seen him crawl in the last few days. Kind of sad that he's growing up so fast!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Grandma Jessup's Gift

Cliff's mom sent Stone his first two pairs of shoes (that he will actually walk in), as well as a cute swim suit with a matching top (which match the first pair of shoes you'll see). If you keep up with my blog, you know Stone has been walking for a few weeks now (he just turned 9 months old). He's becoming the expert at walking, but the shoes set him back today. Take a look.

And yes, my son's skin is 6 shades darker than mine (he can thank Cliff for that), and yes, I am in PJs.  Thanks for the fun gifts, Marcy!  We love you guys!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Trip to Utah!

Stone and I traveled up to Utah this past weekend for Chloe's (my niece) blessing in our church. We had SUCH a fun time. I just wish Cliff could have gone with us. Unfortunately, finals begin soon, and he could not miss any more class (almost done with his first year!!). But, while we were gone, he played in a dodge ball tournament that the law school hosted (I'm bummed I missed it!). So, I will start this post with a picture of his team (thanks, Kelli!). Cliff is in the ACDC shirt.

I had soooo much fun spending time with my family this weekend. Chloe is a DOLL. I can not believe how much she looks and reminds me of Stone. I guess the Brown genes are pretty strong.
Here are the proud parents (Tanner and Charee) and Grandpa (my dad) of Chloe.

My dad and Stone

Jordan (my brother) and Stone. Stone was falling asleep on the swing with Jordan.

Another pic of Tanner, Charee, and Chloe.

Chloe and my mom!

Stone and Chloe.

My mom, Stone, and Chloe.

Stone on a swing!

"Jordan, PLEEEEASE don't drop me"
We had such a fun time on our trip. On our way home, Kristen (one of my best friends since I was 7) was on our flight. We had a great hour and a half together, and then ate lunch at our layover.
It was nice to get home and be with Cliff!! We missed him so much, and Stone was soooo excited to see him and be home with him. Stone was such a Mama's boy this weekend, and didn't always go to other people. But the minute we saw Cliff in the airport, he immediatly reached for him, and was soooo happy!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

5 Minutes in my life (as told by Stone)

(The following photos were taken in a five minute time period)

I put ANYTHING I can in my mouth. Today, it was a sock. I think it may actually have been a dirty sock. At any rate, I would NOT drop it no matter what. As you can see, I know how to multi task. Suck on a sock, and play with the baby monitor, which has turned into a new toy.

Gosh, I'm trying so hard to pull this little stand over!

Ah well, I will settle with licking it. My little tongue can barely reach it, though.

I got bored pretty quick, so I moved onto a loose cord.

I followed the loose cord to find a lamp. Like the side table, I tried really hard to knock it over, shaking it (almost violently).

You can probably see a pattern. I move from one place to the next quite fast. I thought I'd try to get into the fire place.

Time to move it my parent's room. Let's see if I can pull the bedspread off.

Nevermind. I see something fun I can open and get into.

Ooooh, I think it was one of my mom's jewelry boxes. I found something fun to put in my mouth (don't worry pulled it out of my mouth FAST when she saw it. Dad just happened to get it on camera as he was following me around).

Fine, Dad. I'll stop to look at the camera.

Whew, I'm getting tired.

Ahhh, a refreshing beverage. My life is rough. I better get ready for a Friday night date (yes, I get to go along tonight).

Yah for Friday night dates!! I get to eat beans! And queso!

I love my dad.

The End.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Banana Chips, Anyone?

This picture reminds me of a story my mom often tells about my brothers when they were little. My grandpa took them out one afternoon, and they ate quite a bit of dried banana chips. Afterwards, they drank a lot of water to wash it all down with. When my grandpa dropped them off at home, their bellies had expanded, and the boys had tummy aches. All the water had expanded the dried banana chips.

For the first time these last few days, Stone has discovered graham crackers. He LOVES them. Well, yesterday, he would not stop drinking water. Either the graham crackers made him really thirsty, or he loves his sippy cup. Needless to say, he had quite a fully tummy. Check it out:

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Joint Degree

After talking to some friends, Cliff decided to go for a joint degree. He was recently accepted, which means in addition to his law degree, he will also receive a Masters in Personal Financial Planning. Instead of interning this summer (his original plans), he will knock off many of the PFP classes (he registered this morning). He's such a hard worker, and I am so proud of him, and his ability to balance everything between school, family, and his personal hobbies.