Monday, December 24, 2007

Family pics and a trip to Utah...

Just before we left for the holidays, we took some family pictures, with the intentions of mailing out Christmas cards.  Well, the days leading up to our trip were VERY hectic, so it may be a "Happy New Years" card that gets out.  At any rate, these were a few of the pics we took...

The first stop of our vacation was Utah. Stone and I traveled up to Salt Lake for Lauren's wedding.  Lauren and I are childhood best friends.  We grew up in the same neighborhood, went to church and school together, and share many, many memories!!  I was a part of her bridal party.
This is me and the bride the night of her bridal shower.

While there, we got to spend time with my new niece, Chloe (Tanner's new baby!).  She is BEAUTIFUL.  
Tanner is so cute with her.  He reads to her every night.  Very cute! Already, Charee and Tanner seem to be great parents!  
It was fun to spend time with family up in Utah.  Jordan and his wife, Rachel (as well as my mom!) babysat Stone in Provo while I went up to Salt Lake for the wedding.  It was a fun few days!! We are now in El Paso with Cliff, and will also be traveling to Arizona!  Stay tuned for more Holiday news and pics...

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Stone's New Laugh

Tonight we watched National Lampoons Christmas Vacation with some friends. Everyone's laughing caused Stone to wake up, and he pretty much just watched everyone laugh the rest of the movie. When we got home, out of nowhere, he started laughing with this new laugh (of course I continued to egg him on). Check it out.

Friday, December 7, 2007

And he continues to scoot....

While I'm working, I often lay out a quilt for Stone to roll around on. If I leave the room for a split second, he manages to reach the other side. I'm not sure how exactly he's doing this so fast (many scoots and rolls, I'm sure), but I did catch a little scoot/crawl on the camera. Check it out!