Sunday, December 23, 2012

Merry Christmas Sunday!

I always love the Sunday before Christmas, and today did not disappoint. Marcy sent our kids a new Sunday outfit for the special occasion, and I must say they rocked their Christmas clothes. I sang in a couple musical numbers, I taught a lesson in Young Womens, and Stone helped tell the nativity story tonight before bed. It left me thinking about Jesus as a baby, and Mary as his earthly mother. Having a baby this time of year created this overwhelming feeling inside of me as I began to think what life was like for Mary, and then what Jesus' early life was like--something we don't know much about. I'm so grateful for the Christmas season and the chance it gives us to continually think about what this season is all about. I'm grateful for my Savior.

I'm also grateful for 3 adorable kids that keep me busy and happy. 

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Stone's Christmas Program

Stone has been really excited about his program for the last month. He had a speaking part and sang Christmas songs with hand motions. Just like his part in our church play, he seemed to take his role seriously. He did so good! My eyes watered up when he said his part. I'm a baby like that. I just don't know where the time has gone. He was Knox's size like yesterday?

This kid brings so much joy to our home. He is SO sharp and shocks me DAILY with his logic, negotiation skills, vocabulary, an comedic timing. He's also so kind, and makes friends so easily.

Here he is in his school Christmas play this morning.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Trip to see Santa Claus!

This time of year is so fun with children. We have the opportunity to introduce (or to re-teach) the story of the birth of Christ, and we get to participate in fun Christmas activities and traditions during this time of celebration. It's a magical time of year.

My kids have been behaving excellent. We have Mr. Elf that keeps an eye on them each day and reports to Santa each night. Mr. Elf has REALLY helped this mama out this year. Stone is such a sharp kid, and I'm not sure how many more years we will get out of him believing in Santa and Mr. Elf, so I've really been trying to soak it all up. I told Cliff I hope we have several more years with him believing, and while Cliff hopes for the the same, he said, "Yeah. When he's 14, we'll just have to Facebook all his friends and tell them to play along." hahaha.

Today we took the kids to see Santa during Cliff's lunch. They were so excited, and so nervous! We were waiting for Santa to get back from his lunch break, and when he returned, he didn't seem too jolly. But by the time it was my kids' turn, he was incredible. He took so much time to talk to each of my kids. He had conversations with them, smiled with them, and then gave them some candy canes. He was awesome.

I got to take some candids while he was chatting away...

Knox waiting patiently for his turn....

a little unsure at first...

beginning to warm up...

starting to talk a little, and Santa getting close to listen...

Santa laughing at Emerson...

All done!

Mr. Outgoing has his shy moments, and today was one...

Santa Claus getting Knox situated... 

All set...
Looking at the photographer...

Say cheese! The official picture...

Church Christmas Party

This year, our ward Christmas party for our church was such a neat experience. We had a "Night in Bethlehem" as the theme. The hall was set up like the town of Bethlehem. Each group (Primary, Young Women, Young Men, Elders Quorum, etc.) was in charge of their place in the market. There was a fruit stand, a bread stand, games, drinks, etc. Families were asked to dress up for the time period, and bring a blanket to sit on and eat dinner. Then, the primary put on a little program of the Christmas story, and it was so cute. Stone took his part as a Wise Man very serious and wouldn't really look down at the crowd. Emerson, on the other hand, stole the spot light (literally, there was a spot light on her), and danced around like an angel (complete with the halo on), while the audience sang Christmas songs.  We have it on video, but I need to size it down. She was the cutest thing! I didn't have my camera, but caught what I could on my phone....

Apparently, there was a tiny controversy on Santa Claus. Some people really wanted him there (he comes every year to the party), but others said it would completely take away from the Christ themed party (A Night in Bethlehem). At first when it was talked about, I was a little disappointed, because it's something I look forward to for my kids. But HELLO! I'm so glad he was not a part of it this year. The spirit of the party was perfect, reminding us what the season is all about. I think a visit from Mr. Claus would have been distracting. All together, it was a night we'll remember! I love the friendships and bonds we have with the people in our church. The night was a total success.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Fall at the Jessups

It's technically still fall (12 more days!), and we have perfect fall weather right now. Last night, we were raking and bagging leaves, long after the sun went down, and it was still 75 degrees. One more reason why I love living in Texas! I will admit, however, it would be nice to see snow a couple times this winter. If we had a white Christmas, I'd be stoked. 

Cliff started the blowing/raking job last weekend. We didn't bag everything up last weekend, and one major reason we kept it as it was, was for these two little kiddos:

Above: these were leaves that had fallen the day after Cliff had already made several big piles. It's never ending!

They were so sad tonight when we went to town bagging. The leaves entertained them all week long.

So tonight, we made it a team effort to bag up the leaves in our front yard. I think we got about 20 FULL bags. 
Emerson and Stone had gotten in an argument, so Cliff was holding her while blowing the leaves, Stone was raking up some stragglers, I was bagging, and cute Knox was swinging in his swing in front of our front door. He LOVED being outside.

Also this fall, we have a fire pit. A couple weeks ago, Cliff randomly decided to build us an awesome fire pit in our backyard. We had some bricks and stone laying around, and Cliff put them to use. The fire pit is awesome, and our kids were in heaven that first night. I sure have a hunky, buff husband.

And I had to post this picture of Emerson. I think she's gorgeous (inside and out!), and love these couple pics I snapped the other day while walking up our road. Thank goodness for my phone and Instagram!

Hope your fall is going as well as ours!

Monday, December 3, 2012

3 Months Old!

Ahhh, time is going so going by way too fast! Knox is 3 months old already (plus a few days). My friend {and old roommate}, Ashley, just mentioned that she wishes she could freeze time right now because she's in such a good place all around. I couldn't agree more. I love the stage of life I'm in right now, and I love all the stages of my kids right now.

Here are some fun 3 month facts of Knox:

*Smiles NON stop
*Talks {coos} NON stop
*We can get him laughing, and we, in turn, laugh just as hard because it's so dang cute
*He's pretty much sleeping through the night!
*He's rolled over a couple times, but I have not witnessed it yet. He's done it for Cliff.
*He goes to the Zumba classes I teach, and sits there SO entertained in his carseat. His eyes are SO wide and he smiles when I get close to his seat. He ends up falling asleep about the last 15 minutes of every class. I think he LOVES the music and loud beats.
*He's an excellent eater, and is wearing 6 months clothes!

Needless to say, we continue to be completely in love with this little guy. The joy and happiness he brings to this family is incredible. WE LOVE HIM.