Wednesday, July 30, 2008

OCD: Like Father, Like Son

Cliff will admit that he's a little OCD. For instance, if I want the kitchen REAL clean, all I have to say is, "Babe, would you like to unload the dishwasher while I bathe the baby?" And as a result, I will have polished floors, a squeaky clean fridge, the stove will be clean (particularly underneath where grease finds itself a place), the counters are spotless, and all the dishes are done. He can not simply stop with the dishes. OCD takes over. Or, take for instance, our time in Hawaii. I cut my foot on some coral while snorkeling. It cut a PERFECT circle in my toe. The perfect size for a small grain of sand to fit. Well, a grain of sand lodged itself there, and Cliff was so annoyed. He kept begging to get it out for me. I teased him for a while, and finally removed it. If you have a knot or a bunch of chords tangled-ask Cliff. I'm not going to lie. His OCD is very beneficial in this home.

Well, Stone is picking up some similar habits. I was doing laundry last night, and had two piles of clothes on the floor-darks and whites. I went to put the whites in the washer, and came back to Stone placing the darks back in the hamper one by one. And not just placing them in there. He had to make sure the entire piece of clothing was back in (nothing hanging over the edges he could barely reach). He also finds a particular place for everything. His baby wipe container was empty, and last night I found his lotion inside. Next, I couldn't find my running shoes the other day (or his), and found them placed neatly together (all 4) on a basket I have in our home. I guess that's where he thinks shoes go. Or how bout some toys I found jammed in my printer the other day. My printer has a door, and he had opened it, placed some toys inside, and closed it again.
Oh, I am so entertained by this boy. And so here are some random pictures from this week:

We've been swimming a lot lately, so here he is on the way to the pool.

We got this little floaty suit (above and below) for our trip to the beach back in May. It's not his favorite-he'd prefer a regular swim suit (first picture). Well, we're trying to teach him to monkey walk along the wall of the pool and to jump in, so I figured I'd pull out the floaty suit. It's really not that great of a floatation device. We need to go get water wings, and then he will be in heaven.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Flashback Friday: Rhubarb Pie

I'm a chocolate and carmel type of girl. When it comes to pies, it's all about the Carmel Pecan Silk Supreme Pie from Village Inn. Yes, that is the exact title. Fruit pies, no thank you. UNLESS of course, it's my Aunt Alaine's apple pie.

As newlyweds, our neighbors gave us a bunch of Rhubarb one day, along with a recipe for a Rhubarb Pie. Not only were my kitchen skills quite ametuer at the time, but I simply am not a fan of fruit pies. Is Rhubarb even a fruit? I don't know. ...oh wait, just googled it. It's actaully a member of the buckwheat family. Though eaten as a fruit, it is in fact a vegetable. I think right there explains why the look of the rhubarb did not appeal to me.

Well, I couldn't let our neighbor's gracious gift go to waste, so I put my apron on, and went to work. After hours of trying to prepare and bake this pie from scratch, what came out of the oven did not even resemble a pie. It was quite terrible. Cliff (who is NOT a picky eater AT ALL) couldn't even fake it. He just couldn't swallow it. I don't know what I did wrong?!

My baking skills have improved significantly since then, but I'm permantly done with buckwheat.

Here we are from our newlywed days.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

"Fold your arms!"

Ever since Stone started sitting at the table with us, before ever meal, we have always said, "Fold your arms!", and of course he goes on talking, while we fold our arms and pray (bless the food). It's amazing what these little people catch onto!! Out of the blue last week during lunch, I said, as usual, "Fold your arms!" and HE DID! I totally thought it was a fluke, but it still made me happy. Then for dinner, same drill, and voila! He folded his arms. Every meal since then he has folded his arms. He even folded his arms in church on Sunday when we asked him to. AND, I spoke with my dad on the phone yesterday, told him Stone folds his arms now, and he asked to talk to Stone. Next thing, Stone's folding his arms, and I asked, "Dad, did you ask him to fold his arms??" Yup.

At the request of my mom, I took this picture this afternoon at lunch. He was too hungry to be cooperative, but he still managed to fold 'em.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

A Couple Photo Shoots with Stone

Cliff had some fun shooting in black and white (as opposed to simply converting a color picture to black and white), so here are a few new pics of Stone just before bed:

And below are some birthday pictures taken a week ago on his birthday. What a happy baby!!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Flashback Friday: Our Second Date

I absolutly loved Cliff's truck long before we started dating (I'd see at church or on the road. His truck is so recognizable--click here--). Cliff asked me out to a movie for our second date. It was during the week, and he was to pick me up from school (we went to rival high schools), and we would then head to the theater. My friend Allison was waiting with me (Al is a dear friend from high school), and all of the sudden we heard some major base. We didn't see where it was coming from, until from around the corner came The Pickle--AKA Sheldon Jessup's green Ranchero (just like an El Camino). Inside, was my "greeser" soon-to-be boyfriend with his tight white shirt, side burns galore, and full head of dark hair. It was Cliff. Cliff. Ranchero. LOUD Base. I think Allison said something like, "Oh, Ken. Call me when you get home," while sqeezing my arm, apparently a little worried for me. hahaha. Well, as dissapointed as I was that I did not get the chance to ride in his red truck, I was equally as excited to jump in. Sheldon (Cliff's brother) spent quite the money on his stereo system in his car. You could hear this thing coming from BLOCKS away. ...I kid you not. So there ya have it--our second date.

Though this is not "The Pickel", it is the same make/model/color.

Here we are shopping for cowboy hats (random) downtown (Me-16. Cliff-18.)

Cowboy hat-Check. Tight jeans-Check. My Bronco-Check. El Paso sunset-Check.

PS-In case you are wondering from the 2 pictures, I did not regularly wear a cowboy hat growing up. This was my hat we bought and shaped as a date night.

Just thought I'd clarify. Happy Friday.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Stone's First Birthday!!

Our little man has grown up TOO FAST!! Today is Stone's first birthday (and my dad's birthday, as well!! See the previous post). Stone is becoming more and more of a big boy and less and less baby every day, which makes us sad, yet gives us so much to look foward to. I love every new little stage he enters and every new little thing he learns. This lil' guy has done everything really young thus far including crawling at 6 months and walking at 8 months. I feel so blessed to be his mother. It's hard for us to remember what life was like before he graced us. It feels like he's been with us forever. :)
Last weekend, we had a birthday celebration in Ruidoso with my mom, brothers and their wives. Here are some pictures:Stone in his new sunglasses

We had little horns we blew, and Tanner blew a happy birthday to Stone through his nose.

The week prior to our trip, we taught Stone how to blow candles out. He had it down until his party came around. Maybe next year.

"Oh Mom! This is too good to be true."

"Okay, really. I can't take anymore."

I made a yummy Texas sheet cake for everyone (Charisse's recipe (my aunt) cake ever!)and I made Stone his own flag cake in honor of the 4th of July weekend.

Today, for his actual birthday, we went out for some yummy steaks and had the ceremonial switch of the car seats!! I guess it was more of day for us to celebrate. Afterall, he doesn't really get what's going on, and it was time for a formal celebration of one year with our baby! We love him soooo much. He has the best personality, and is a pure joy. I won't post pics of him from this last year, becaues you can scroll through my blog. My very first entry was new born pics of him. Happy birthday, Stone!! We LOVE YOU!

Double Birthday! My Dad and Stone

Today is a SPECIAL day!! It was our baby's first birthday, as well as my dad's!! Stone was due July 10, and came two days late (which to us, felt like an eternity because we thought he was coming at least a week early from measurments and doctor comments). My dad kept saying, "Hold him in there until the 12th!" And I said, "YEAH RIGHT!" Well, I guess my dad gets what he wants, because Stone held out until the 12th! I'm sure Stone and my dad will always have a special connection. I know I just recently did a tribute to my dad for Fathers Day (click here), but I couldn't let today pass without publicly wishing a happy birthday to him. My dad is the coolest dad, and I am the luckiest girl to have him as my dad!

Here is my dad with Stone a year ago today! He flew up the night of his birth!

And here is my dad with me as a newborn!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Flashback Friday: Waimea Bay

When I was in fifth grade, my family took a vacation to Hawaii (Oahu) for Spring break. We went again several years later, and I absoultly fell in love with the place.

During my family trip there (fifth grade), we spent an afternoon at Waimea Bay. This time of the year the waves are HUGE, but as spring turns to summer, it mellows out completely into a swimming pool.

Well, I thought I could hang with the waves (in fifth grade). These are waves professionals surf on. So, I was down there with the waves, and the lifeguard (in his loud speaker) yells, "Little girl in the pink swim suit. Please get out of the water." He goes on to repeat it probably 3 or 4 times (accordingly to my family, becuase I didn't think he was talking to me). Finally, my family came to get me when the whole beach park's attention was turned to me.

This picture is taken at Waimea Falls--across the street and up the mountain from the Bay. There I am with my dad and brothers.

And this picture is taken at the base of the mountain on our hike up to the falls.

Here I am in front of the Hawaii temple on my birthday (my birthday always fell on Spring break). I asked for a flower crown for my birthday. haha.
And here I am with my mom in front of BYU-Hawaii.

Eight years later, Cliff and I returned to the same beach. We attended BYU-Hawaii just before we got married. This time, we showed up with our boogie boards. The surfing season was dying down, so the waves weren't terribly huge, but still at a professional caliber. We had so much fun one day, and just as we were getting ready to get out and head home, we decided to ride one more wave. Just as we turned around to paddle out, this is what we saw:

SERIOUSLY. NO JOKE. The wave we saw was probably even bigger. And the guy you see facing the wave, that was our distance as we turned around. And we were COMPLETE amateurs. I saw my life flash before my eyes. Cliche, I know, but it is so true. The wave SLAMMED DOWN ON ME, picked me up, and I probably did 3 or 4 kartwheels in the wave. I was completely sucked under, and thought that was it. I kept telling myself, "I'm close to shore, hold my breath, I'm almost there. The wave has to take me to the shore." It finally slammed me down under a foot of sand, and I layed there helpless. Cliff was sucked under just as bad, but ran over to me, dug me out, and carried me up to the shower to rinse off all the sand. I couldn't hear anything the rest of the day, and my ribs were terribly bruised. It was a brutal experience. A week later, we decided to head out and tackle it again (I think we'd learn our lesson),but this time, the waves had calmed, and this is what we saw:

Crazy how it changes from season to season so fast.

These snorkeling picture are taken at our favorite beach, which is adjacent to Waimea Bay.

If you have ever talked to me about Hawaii, you know I have STRONG feelings for the place. I used to get teary when I'd talk about our experiences there. Probably just recently (and it's been 4 years!) I can talk about it without getting emotional. I tell people that something is meant for us there, and they laugh and say, "Of course! It's Hawaii! Everyone would feel that way." But my connection with the place was more than that.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Weekend in Ruidoso!

For the 4th of July weekend, we had a mini family reunion in Ruidoso, New Mexico (a ski town between here and El Paso). My mom flew my brothers and their wives (and Chloe!) down, and Cliff's parents were kind to let us stay in their cabin. We went up a day early and met Cliff's parents there, had dinner with them, and spent some fun time with them. We had so much fun with games, food and more food, walking the town a little, and celebrating Stone's first birthday!! I think I will wait to post those pictures on his birthday (this coming Saturday!!). We had such a good time, and I can't believe my baby is growing up so fast! Thanks, Mom, for the awesome weekend!! And thank you Kevin and Marcy for letting us use your cabin!

Here is Stone in Kevin's (Cliff's dad) boots.

My mom had a 4th of July parade with Stone and Chloe (Tanner (my brother) and Charee's girl).

Chloe in her 4th of July bling.

My brother, Jordan, playing with Stone.

My sisters (in law) Rachel and Charee with Chloe and Stone. Rachel and Jordan have a baby due in December. YEAH!!!

We had a great time!