Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Not shy at all...

I finally found this clip and shortened it so I could upload it. This is from the Christmas program our ward had for our church Christmas party. You can read about it here.

Emerson was an angel for the primary part. We had no idea the nursery was going to be a part of it, but oh boy, did she have the time of her life up there.

Watch and see...

Friday, March 15, 2013

Spring trip to Arizona!

We returned earlier this week from a week full of fun in Arizona. We went to visit my mom and Ray, and had a blast. The week was full of fun with cousins, hot tubbing, swimming, night fishing (2 times!), trumpet blowing, park playing, "Old Blue" riding, shopping, mini carnival riding, train riding, and lots of yummy food. We seriously had so much fun, and though we were sad to say goodbye, Cliff was anxious for our return!

Below was our second night fishing expedition. My mom has an awesome park and lake near her home, and this is one of my kids' favorite things to do with her now.

Here is Old Blue. My mom got this for my kids to play with, and she let Stone bring it home. Somehow we managed to squeeze it in my suit case. We've already taken it on trails and to the park since we've been home.

Stone was most excited about the heated pool when we were getting ready for the trip. Ray heated the pool up on our last day, and we had some more cousins over to enjoy the hot tub, pool, and hot dogs. The kids got plenty of hot tubbing in during our trip.

Emerson got the CUTEST swim hat before we left town. She wore this thing the entire time she was swimming. She loves this swim cap.

My mom and Ray were so much fun with us this week!

And now for an Instagram roundup:
Towards the beginning of our trip, we went to my aunt's home (Leann) and had a blast with my cousins (Ashley, Brad, Whitney, Tyler, Brittney) and their kids. Emerson now wants a turtle (see below). Wish she would have asked Santa for that instead of a dog! Too late. :)

If you check out my previous post, you'll see a couple pictures of Knox in an antique buggy for his 6 month portraits. Why yes, I strolled with that buggy through my mom's subdivision, and onto a busy road to snap a few. Well worth it!

My mom got Emerson a little makeup kit, and she was in heaven. She first put it on herself, then put it ALL over my mom and me. I had glitter all over my face, and my mom had eye shadow all over hers.

We had plenty of fun in the hot tub, and Knox got his first taste of swimming {it was more like a warm bath when we had him in}. He got to sport the Superman swim suit that Jordan and Rachel got Stone as a newborn. Emerson had a turn in it, and now it's Knox's turn. We've put this cute suit to great use.

This was our first night fishing expedition:

Last time we were in Arizona (July), Ray got a tent for the kids. Of course they love it. They fell asleep instantly one night after a fun day of playing hard:

Below are some cousins we had over Monday night for swimming and hot dogs.

Knox got to take a bath in CC's sink before church:

We crammed as much fun into our last day as possible. We went to my favorite Arizona park, Freestone, and since it was Spring Break, their rides were running, and we took full advantage of it. I laugh at this picture, because it looks like I took a picture of the little blonde girl. But no, my kids are on top!

We took a red eye flight home after a FULL day of fun. I have to say, red eyes are seriously the way to go!! If you know my kids, you know they are FULL of energy. Put them in an airport, and boy are your hands full. But at midnight, they were so well behaved. Tired and obedient. Getting through security with a stroller, car seat, 3 kids, a huge diaper bag, camera bag, and carry on for the kids is A LOT. But at midnight, it was SO smooth! On our way there, Cliff got a gate pass, and was able to take us all the way up, so that was incredibly helpful.

Can you find Emerson?

Our trip was SO much fun. We had a blast. We always love going to Arizona.

Thank you mom and Ray for a FABULOUS week full of fun and memories!!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Knox Sterling: 6 Months Old!

I can't believe this sweet thing is 6 months old! Time has flown, and we continue to feel incredibly blessed to have this little guy.

We were in Arizona for the last week {trip update next!}, and every time someone was around him, I got the same question: "Is he ALWAYS this good?" Yes, yes he is! 

The little guy's first tooth started to pop through three days before our trip. The second tooth started to cut while in Arizona, and even though he was teething {which brought on a little congestion}, this guy was a happy trooper, and pretty much himself the entire trip. He is full of smiles and giggles all day long. Here are a few things:

*28.5 inches long (96th percentile: tall boy!)
*18.2 lbs (63rd percentile)
*Still a cuddle bug! He falls asleep with a cuddle to the chest, and loves snuggling cheek to cheek.
*LOVING his hands. He really discovered them and started to use them several weeks ago, and reaches for everything these days.
*His favorite toy is my pink phone case. If you take it away from him, he throws a fit! Pretty much the only thing that can send him into a fit.
*Great eater. He is trying to reach for the spoon now.
*Was sleeping fabulously until he started teething. 
*Continues to accompany me to the Zumba classes I teach. He sits there in his car seat kicking his legs to the beat. He usually falls asleep the last 15 minutes. He's big enough for the nursery at the gym (actually, he technically was 2 months ago), so I may stick him in there in the near future. He still does so good with me, so I haven't felt the need to do so yet.
*And he's JUST ABOUT CRAWLING!! He rolls and scoots ALL over the place in a matter of seconds. He is SOOO close to crawling. He has the rocking motion down, but then changes it into a scoot at the last minute. I expect a crawling baby within days. 

While in Arizona, I took his 6 month portraits at an awesome park just by my mom's house. I managed to get a few with my mom, and she snapped a few of me.


Trip details next!