Friday, June 6, 2014

Stone graduates Kindergarten!

I can't believe my little man has completed his first year in school. He LOVED school this year. I mean LOVED. I think there were a total of 2 days that he didn't want to go to school. This guy SOAKS up life, and gets every single ounce out of it that he possibly can. He wanted to ride the bus, eat cafeteria food, do every little thing offered to him, and learn as much as he could. We started the year off with bus riding, but after trying to explain to him that it took him away from me even longer, we compromised on riding it in the afternoon only. He begged to eat cafeteria food every day, and we compromised picking a day out on the calendar each week. Cliff and I took several turns taking lunch to him, and I volunteered at all his school parties and activities. It was a fun year for all of us! 

He started Kindergarten pretty much reading, and quickly advanced reading level after level. He excelled, and he loved every minute of Kindergarten. He loved it so much, that at his graduation, it took everything inside of him to hold in the tears as he bid farewell to his *AWESOME* teacher and said goodbye to his friends. I'm grateful for an awesome school system, one we have been SO happy with this first year. 

Here is a comparison of him on his first day of school and his last. I hope he lets me do this to him clear through his senior year in high school, haha. He sure did grow!

He's SO handsome!

His incredible teacher. He loved loved loved her. So did we!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Emerson's Dance Recital!

Emerson's year of dance came to an end last night with her recital. She was the cutest little dancer and made us smile. She's always been a little song bird and dancer, but it was fun to watch her on the stage. Brought back many dance and cheer memories! 

Cliff and the boys gave Emerson BEAUTIFUL flowers. She loooooved them. They are in her room now, and won't let me display them in the home.

 Below: Two friends from church.

We finished the night with some Teppanyaki at Shogun! The kids loved the atmosphere, and Emerson kept saying all night long, "It's my special night!"