Wednesday, January 23, 2008

6 months and Crawling...

Well, Stone is now crawling! It's amazing how fast these little people learn and grow!! Take a look at our boy!

Monday, January 21, 2008

6 months old!

Stone is growing way too fast! On the 12th, he turned 6 months old, and here are some things he has been up to:

*At about 4 1/2 months, he can began scooting

*At 5 months, he began sitting up, although a little wobbly. It didn't take him long to become steady.

*Not only does he sit up steady now, but the last two weeks he's been completely propping himself up from any position. It's like it's no big deal now.

  • *He now laughs all the time. It doesn't take much to make him laugh.

  • *In the last two days, he's pulled himslef up to a standing position (see the picture above). After his bath last night, I put him in his crib while I went to the laundry room to grab some pajamas, and I came back to find him standing up in his crib smiling like he was very proud of himself. Take a look at the video below. We have now put his matress down to the lowest setting in the crib.

*We've been experimenting with different foods, and he LOVES it all. We got a net binkey that we put fruit (like orange slices) in for him to suck on, and ohhhh boy....he sucks every last drop out of it. Last week, Cliff gave him a taste of salsa (mild!) and he loved it. He has to...he's a Jessup.

I just can't believe how fast the little guy is growing. He is quite the entertainment. We love him so much!

This is Stone standing in his crib for the first time (to our knowledge) last night.

Stone FIGHTS going to sleep. This is after a hard fight with him one afternoon.

Cliff's parents gave Stone a bouncy chair for Christmas. He LOVES it.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Happy Birthday, Mom!!

Today is my mom's birthday. Happy birthday, Mom! She has always been one of my best friends. We've always had a close relationship, ever since I was young. I have many many wonderful memories with her growing up, but I will just share a few.

When I was in third grade, we read The Secret Garden, and when the movie came out, she took me out of school to go see it and have lunch. I can still remember the theater on the other side of town that we went to see it at. I have such a cool mom.

My mom was always teaching us things and encouraging us to learn. One summer, for every two books we read, we got to go out with her and have a fun day (lunch, shopping, movies, whatever we wanted to do). We also had a vocabulary word of the week. Whoever could use the big word the most, got a prize.

My dad had a father/son trip with my brothers their junior/senior year, and my mom and I had a mother/daughter one. My junior year we went to San Francsico, and my senior year we went on a ski trip to Park City. We had so much fun!!

And now she is such a good grandma! She went up to Utah to teach me motherhood essentials the first 10 days of Stone's life. When she left, Cliff and I were nervous to begin parenting on our own. I think we're getting the hang of it. :)

I really do have the best mom in the world!! Love you, Mom! Happy Birthday!

This is on the BYU-Hawaii Campus

These are the laundry bags we made for my mom's Laurels (refer to the previous post)

Sunday, January 6, 2008

A New Year

The holidays are always so much fun, especially when you get to spend them with family. It's always nice, however, to get home, get back on a routine, and get going at those new years resolutions.

Following my trip to Utah for Lauren's wedding and Chloe's debut, Stone and I met Cliff in El Paso, where we spent Christmas. We ate A LOT of yummy food, especially Kevin's (Cliff's dad) famous steaks. While Kevin had filet minon and ribeyes on the grill, he left Cliff to watch them while he ran to the church for a quick meeting. Before he left, he simply told Cliff, "Don't mess them up". You have to understand the high expectations of the steaks to appreciate the pressure put on Cliff. Cliff tried turning the responsibility over to me, but I would not take part. Not on Kevin's steaks.

We then made our way to Arizona to see my mom. My dad happened to be there, as well. We had a great time.

My mom and I sewed some palm trees for Stone's room. He has an ocean/beach theme for his room, but we never really went to town on decorating it, since we moved when he was a new born. We're finally making it a fun room for him! I'm excited to complete it.

Cliff laughs at me, because he never though he'd see the day when I would sew. I didn't either, to be honest. But, we had a great time, and it motivated me to get a sewing machine! My mom gave me one for Christmas, and I am SO EXCITED to start some projects. I sewed here and there with my mom when she was over the youth (young women's) of our church, but the only thing I really loved was pressing the pedal! Well, I guess my interests have matured a bit over the years, and I'm ready to learn to sew.

2007 was an awesome year with Stone's birth, Cliff's graduation from BYU, quickly followd by a move down to Texas for law school. We're very excited to see what 2008 has to offer. I have a good feeling about this one! Happy New Year and good luck with your resolutions!

New Years eve at the Trudeaus

Another New Years Eve shot.

And another...

Stone taking a nap on my Dad's chest.

4 generation shot. Stone, me, my dad and my grandpa.

Stone wrestling his new aligator.

My two men watching football.