Monday, July 21, 2014

Good sport

This kid has always been a good sport with EVERYTHING. Now that Stone and Emerson are getting more involved in activities, this one gets to be along for the ride. He is never fussy, and is always such a good sport. ...ESPECIALLY if he has a dum dum in his mouth. My other two aren't too fond of hair cuts, but it didn't faze this kid!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

No Training Wheels!

Emerson learned to ride her bike without training wheels! Now all she wants to do every day is ride her bike. She rides it for miles at a time. We go to the trail, and she could just ride forever. She rides in front of me, while I jog with Knox in the stroller behind her, and I can't help smile the entire time. Her little legs go so fast, and she randomly shouts, "THIS IS SO MUCH FUN!" She loves life.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Stone v. 7.0

He's SEVEN! 
I can remember everything so perfectly from the day he was born. I can remember everything we tried to do the few days leading up to it, trying to get him here. We ate garlic pizza, walked all through the Avenues and up hills in Salt Lake City, and I kept exercising every day, hoping it'd induce labor. And now, he's finished Kindergarten, he reads wonderfully, he uses words that blow my mind, and he makes everyone laugh (his Kindergarten teacher said he was the class clown). Everyone loves him, especially us. Can't believe he's seven!!

A little roundup of portraits from each year...

His birthday morning started out with presents, and then we quickly got ready and headed off to his party at Air-U (a trampoline park).

It was minimal decorating since it was at Air-U, but we had a Lego theme, and things turned out pretty cute, ESPECIALLY his cake, that my friend made.

Lots of dodgeball...

 Below: Cliff saving Knox as time was called up!

And the incredible cake!!

 Stone had a BLAST. It was a successful day. We love celebrating our kids!!

Friday, July 11, 2014

Keeping up!

This little guy sure tries to keep up with his brother and sister, and does an excellent job. Sometimes, he just gets a little worn out and needs a break. Really, though, he runs around with them all day long, and is at their side. We've pushed him hard this summer with lots of activities, and sometimes, he just needs to rest!

We've been swimming a ton, and after a morning of a good swim, he came over to me, and took a little nap. He's so funny!

One day, in the gym's nursery, he sat in a baby chair by the TV, watched it for a few minutes, and took a nap. ....this is not like him! Usually he's running around with balls and cars, but we have just been going, going, going. I guess you can tell we're having a fun summer!