Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Our trail.

Cliff gave me a great double jogging stroller for my birthday, and we have put it to good use, particularly at an awesome trail that is near our house. Considering how much I love to run, it's a little surprising that I haven't had a double jogging stroller before. I just have always exercised at the gyms I teach at, or run solo before or after Cliff is at work. But with the beauty that surrounds us, it was time to get one! 

Emerson, Knox, and I go when Stone is at school. When Stone is home with us, he usually takes his scooter along. When Cliff is with us, we even take Apache.

One day while Stone was at school, I took the two littles for a run on the trail.

And that day, we came across this:

That's a snake in case you can't tell. I literally SCREAMED. I was running at a good pace, and came upon a runner that was stopped. That runner had passed me a while back, and I felt good that I had caught up with my two kids in the stroller (you could tell she was a RUNNER). Then she yelled at me to stop, and right there, before I ran over it, I saw the snake. Then I realized why I had caught up to her. It was SO BIG. Two men walking in the other direction said it was a grass snake. Someone thought it was a Copperhead. I said, "Ummm, a snake is a snake, and I'll keep my distance either way."

I now have a minor fear of the trail thanks to snakes, but we'll make our way back real soon.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Baseball Season!

Stone started his first season of t-ball this year. It's brings back some fun memories of when I used to go to Jordan's baseball games. Jordan's fields were next to the high school I practiced summer track at (Cliff's high school, actually), so I'd walk over right after and watch his games. 

Cliff didn't play baseball growing up (he's 100% football), but he's gotten into it, and has really enjoyed it.

It's so fun to watch the little guys. They are just now beginning to understand the concept of the game. I think team sports are so important for children. They learn team work, respect for coaches, get them around a different batch of kids, which forces them to make new friends and break out of their comfort zones, teaches them sportsmanship, burns their energy, keeps them active, and I could seriously keep the list going on. And I don't knock individual sports. Individual sports are great, too, and as a girl, aside from cheerleading, it seems like I participated more in those (dance, gymnastics, and track). 

Oh, and I totally inherited my mom's voice. I could hear my mom's voice, alone, on the other side of the track during my races "Good job, Kendal!! She's coming up behind you!!". The whole football stands and baseball stands could hear her during my brothers' games. And now, everyone can hear me yelling, "WAY TO GO, STONE!!; WAY TO HUSTLE, BUDDY!!; KEEP YOUR EYE ON THE BALL!; RUN FAST LIKE FLASH!; FOCUS!! (when he is looking board out on the field). Yes, that's me!

Here he is at his first practice:

The night of his first game:

Cliff and Stone doing some batting practice on the side of the yard after work:

Getting ready to bat:

He is Mr. "I don't take naps!", but fell asleep during quiet time recently. Between school, baseball, playing outside all day on the trampoline, and being a total boy, sometimes he just can't help it. The pool opens Memorial Day weekend, and I think we'll be seeing more naps from him:

Emerson is a great sport at his practices and games. She stole his helmet and bat at one practice, and wanted to jump right into it. She is a total monkey (people at the gym confirm that, my mom just told her that, and I see it everyday as she jumps from one thing to the next, swings around things, balances on things, etc.), and so I think gymnastics is in the near future for her.

A princess fairy at baseball practice? Why not??:

And again, this little guys is the perfect little baby. He sat on the wrap, totally happy with one of Emerson's arrows (from her bow and arrow set), and sat there the whole game. Always a good sport!

 Yah for baseball!

Gender Roles

From the time Stone began crawling, he was pushing cars around, and soon after, started making car sounds as he'd push them along. Emerson was caring for and loving on her babies as soon as she was moving around and playing.

The other day, I found Emerson nursing her baby, complete with a boppy...

Think she watches mommy? Yes. Think she calls herself "mommy" to her babies? Yes. Think she loves being a girl? Yes.

I had to snap this pictures so fast before she was embarrassed and stopped. Love her!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

La Jolla & San Diego

After Disneyland, we headed down to La Jolla for some beach time, and spent a little time in San Diego. We drove down via the PCH for a nice, scenic route, and stopped in Encinitas at a yummy Mexican taco shop that my Aunt Lorette introduced me to a few years ago. 

Our kids had a BLAST at the beach. Stone rode in wave after wave (some of which Cliff threw him into {at Stone's request}), Emerson played in the water and built many sand castles, and Knox sat perfectly still on a towel, having no desire to touch the sand. The minute he touched it, he was disgusted, but was a great sport, and sat their happily!

These first few pictures are actually from Newport beach our first night in California. We decided to take a walk along the beach the night before we headed to Disneyland. We didn't take swim suits, but Stone just couldn't resist. 

Below is a little Instagram collage. Our second day in La Jolla, we went to see the seals. You can get right up in their business, and they are happy as can be. My kids weren't as impressed as Cliff and I were. It was kind of stinky, and they were anxious to hit another beach to play.

Sweet little Knox was seriously so content on a towel. I didn't even change him into his swim suit. I had it in my bag, but he just sat their observing everything around him, staring at the sand, and debated the whole time whether or not to touch it. A few times he grabbed for some sand, but didn't know what to do afterwards. We have it on video, and it is so entertaining!

I laugh at the picture below. Those are the seals behind Emerson, and that is her plugging her nose.

I laugh at this one, too. Stone is just so ready to jump in and play.

While in San Diego, we went out for some (more!) Mexican food. Knox had his first taste of guacamole, black beans, and rice. He was in heaven!

We stayed in La Jolla, but headed down to San Diego to see the Mormon Battalion site. It was SUCH a neat site. The story about the battalion is so neat. Stone loved learning all about it, and both Stone and Emerson loved the little activities afterwards (looking for gold, looking out at the watch point, etc.).

I spy my little eye Knox yawning in the background.

La Jolla and San Diego was the PERFECT way to end our trip. Our trip was absolutely amazing. Great memories were made and fun was had.


I don't know that I have ever been this excited to plan a trip. I seriously was so giddy the whole time I was making reservations and plans for this trip. And OF COURSE, our kids were giddy with anticipation and excitement, and really had no idea what to even expect. My mom and Ray met us there, and we are SO happy they did!! Not only do we love spending time with them, but oh.my.gosh, I don't know that we would have survived without them! We were totally able to enjoy Disneyland as much as our kids, thanks to their help! And I think they enjoyed it, too! THANK YOU Mom and Ray for coming with us!!

I was so surprised how much I was able to do with Knox there. Anything Emerson could ride on, he could ride on my lap. It was so awesome. THE WHOLE EXPERIENCE.

As we unloaded from the airport shuttle to our car, it was 1am in the morning, and Stone sighed nice and big, and said, "THAT WAS THE BEST FIELD TRIP EVVVVVER!" (OH! And our car (which I had only had FOUR days before we left to Disneyland!!) was left with the window down!! THANKFULLY nothing was touched or tampered with. WOW!).

So here are a few pictures from Instagram/iPhone to share with you...

We started our trip off bright and early (actually, not bright at all....it was 2:30am when our alarms went off to load up). We headed to the airport in Dallas, arrived there about 5am for our 6:55am Flight.

The night before our trip, I ran to get an extra umbrella stroller for the trip. I didn't want to haul our double stroller around, and I knew I'd be wearing Knox for a lot of the trip anyways. I didn't even open up the stroller to check it out. I just assumed it would work as an umbrella stroller should. WELL, we checked our luggage in, opened up the stroller to make way to security, and TWO wheels were missing form this stroller!! When we got to California, I was able to exchange it (after a lot of sweet talking sans a receipt for a product purchased in Texas!). YAH for strollers with 4 wheels!

Here we were waiting for the gates to open on our first day there. SO EXCITED!

While Cliff, Stone, and Ray went on a ride, I took Emerson to see all the princesses. She was in HEAVEN!! Sometimes she is totally outgoing, and other times, completely shy. When she saw these princesses, she talked and talked to them. It was the cutest thing to witness. They made HER feel like a princess.

The second day there, we went on a great ferris wheel that swings back and forth. My mom is terrified of heights, but we convinced her to go on with us.

We weren't going to slow down for nap time! These two little munchkins gave it all they had, but just couldn't stay awake. While they slept, Cliff and I took turns with my Mom and Ray and took Stone on other rides.

Indiana Jones is probably one of my favorites. Stone was BARELY tall enough. Actually, he wasn't quite tall enough, but we told him to stand tall, and tilt his head up a bit. The first time through (with Cliff and me), the guy totally let us cheat. Then, we got a switch pass for my mom and Ray, and they took Stone right after, and they weren't going to let him! My mom convinced them he had already gone, so they let him slide by. It was an AWESOME ride, one Stone still talks about.

The parade the first night was probably Emerson's favorite thing! She was in HEAVEN. She got so much attention from everyone in the parade; lots of smiles and "hi's". She clapped to the music and was all smiles and giggles. 

Again, we weren't going to slow down for nap time! Cliff picked her up, and she fell asleep within minutes. Perfect timing for the Finding Nemo submarine ride.

Right before she saw all the princesses, she got to be in a parade, and she tried taking that girl's ribbon! 

This was one of the first rides we went on (these pictures are all out of order). Emerson was so fascinated by It's a Small World. Stone, on the other hand, was ready for a little more excitement.

Another super fun ride that Stone got to ride two times! You can't see Stone in the first pic, but he was in heaven!

Stone and Emerson are still talking about what a great time they had. It really is such a magical place. I'm so glad we were able to take the kids to The Happiest Place on Earth. I thought Stone was the age to get the most out of this trip, but I think Emerson got just as much out of it. They really were in heaven, and so were we! It was such a fun trip!

Next up: La Jolla and San Diego!