Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas 2010

Christmas this year, was just as exciting as it ever was as a child. It's a different excitement, but excitement, nonetheless. Christmas with kids--especially a three year old--is so fun, magical, and memorable.

It was our first Christmas to stay put, and it was SO enjoyable! We absolutely love traveling home for the holidays, and spending it with our loved ones, but having a Christmas with just our little family was a new, fun experience. There's something different about being in your own home, and having the kids run down to their tree Christmas morning.

We continued some traditions that I brought into our family from my family growing up. Starting with Chinese food for Christmas Eve dinner {at a fabulous Chinese buffet}. Then on Christmas morning, we had Eggs Benedict, my absolute favorite, followed by a huge Christmas dinner with just the four of us. My first (yes, first!) turkey was a complete success {thanks, Mom, for the tips}. We kind of went all out with a table full of food, and it was just the four of us!

Some Christmas Memories from 2010:
*Stone got to bed a bit late Christmas Eve. I finally said, "we better get to bed! We don't want Santa to skip our house and give your presents to another a little boy!" :::mean, I know, I know::: He quickly ran up to his bed, and not even 5 minutes later, he came out crying, saying, "oooooh nooooo!! I think Santa skipped us!!" Cliff then pulled up Norad (the Santa tracker) to show Stone that he was still on course to our home.

*We thought we could "play" Santa and make some noises to get Stone excited for the night after he was in bed. Cliff made some noise in the chimney, and I rang what I thought sounded like bells (but it was a long lost rattle that I had just found of Emerson's). I went in to Stone soon after and said, "Did you hear that?? Was that Santa??" He responded, "Ummm, that was not Santa. That was you shaking Emmy's toy." Oh crap. I didn't even fight him on it, afraid of spoiling it, so I said, "Oh yeah, not that, that was me. Did you hear the chimney?" And he said, "He's not here yet. That was not him." This kid is too smart.

*Stone's big Christmas present was a remote control helicopter. He plays with it ALL THE TIME. We end up crashing it quite a bit, which makes me so happy that I bought a $3 replacement/protection plan. He was playing with it the day after Christmas when I was picking up some things. I thought he was in his own little world playing away. I grabbed the box to the helicopter, and said to Cliff, "I guess we should keep this in case we need to replace it with the plan." Stone quickly said, "but Mom, Santa gave it to me. We can't do that." YIKES! If we're not careful, we will have a 4 year old not believing in Santa next year. I'm glad we had these few experiences this year to prepare us for next year when he's even smarter.

*Emerson got a doll, and clapped for joy. She was beyond thrilled to carry her doll around everywhere. We have video, and will put some clips together for the blog to show her excitement. Though she thoroughly enjoyed the morning, she's still about the wrapping paper and bows. For the last month or two, she's been clapping, waving, and saying Mama and Dadda appropriately. I can't believe she turns one in a month!

*I had to run to Hobby Lobby a few days before Christmas, and Stone said, "Mommy. Hobby Lobby....well....well, Hobby's kind of....well.....{trying to think of a word that he won't get in trouble for, but can't think of anything else} STUPID." I said to Stone, "That's not a nice word. Why do you say that??" He replied, "Well, it's a good store for you. It's not a good store for me. Hobby Lobby....doesn't work out for me." Haha!

You may recall the outtakes (really, they were just candids I snapped while Stone and Emerson were getting situated on Santa's lap) with Santa. I finallyfound the actual picture we paid for...

I'm guilty of not taking many pictures Christmas morning! But here are a few that show their excitement for the big day....

This whole month, we were full of thanks, joy, and love. I'm grateful for our Savior, and glad that we celebrate his birth every year. I'm so glad that Stone was able to understand the importance and significance of the holiday. We hope everyone had just as wonderful of a Christmas as we did.

Now on to a new year, new goals, and new habits.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A little Stone fix.

One thing is for sure. Stone will keep us laughing our entire lives, I'm sure of it. I'm loving the Christmas season with him. Each Monday, we hold Family Home Evening, where we sing a song, say a prayer, and have some sort of lesson and/or activity. This whole month, we've been going over and over the story of Baby Jesus, and he has it down.

Oh, and are you really surprised that he has no clothes on? He managed to at least walk around in a sweatshirt, but only because it looks like The Human Torch from Fantastic Four.

First up, what gifts did Baby Jesus receive?

Next up, Stone singing "I am a Child of God"

Lastly, his own little medley of "I am a Child of God" and "Teach me to Walk in the Light." He had the 2 songs confused. Make sure to watch at :07 seconds, when he says he needs to start over. Hilarious kid!

Some things he has said lately:

Me: Stone, you really need to eat your dinner.
Stone: Oh yeah, tough guy? You wanna be a tough guy?


Stone: Oh mom. That doesn't make sense.


Stone: I'm a lawyer. {wanting to follow in his Daddy's footsteps}


Yesterday and today I have felt pretty awful. Cliff took care of the kids last night, and was giving Emerson a bottle. I heard Stone say, "Ewwww, Daddy. Emerson's bottle is ICKY."

Cliff: "Did you taste it?? It's for babies!"

Stone: "Yes, it is SO icky."

hahaha. So I asked him about it today, and asked what it tasted like. He said, "bad oranges."

Not sure what that means!!

Sunday, December 12, 2010


I love the Christmas season. I love how magical it is with kids. I love that Mr. Elf is keeping Stone in his place (we bought an elf, and place it in different places around the house--he's Santa's eye at the Jessup home, and reports back to Mr. Clause on how Stone is behaving. It's working great. Thanks, Mom, for the idea!).

I love that Stone kind of gets what Christmas is really about, and knows that Jesus' parents are Mary and Joseph. At first he thought we were celebrating Santa's birthday, but now he gets it.

What is there not to like about this season? I love everything about it!

I can't find the actual picture I paid for (I'll post it as soon as I find it), but here are some of the outtakes I managed to snap when my kids went to see Mr. Clause, himself.

The other day, we were pulling up to TJMaxx (Oh, how I love TJ), when Stone remembered that he had seen Batman underwear there a few days previous when we made a quick stop by the store. He said, "Ohh, mama, are we here to get my Batman undies??" We've been telling him for a few weeks now not to ask for things when we're out and about, because Santa needs to have things to bring him. SO, I said, "oh no, but you can ask Santa for some!!" Stone's response?...

"Ooooh no, no, no, no, Mommy. I'm not asking him for undies! I'm asking him for a remote control helicopter and a new movie about Toy Story. No undies."

HA! He'll be surprised when he actually finds them in his stocking. :)


As far as Emerson Rose, she is TOTALLY walking. Remember when I posted the video of her walking just a week ago? Well, my babe-a-loo hardly crawls anymore. She's all about walking. She's a pro now. Here's a quick video for our journaling sake, and well, because she's too dang cute:

I hope everything is feeling the Christmas spirit. Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


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Monday, December 6, 2010

Thanksgiving in El Paso

For some reason, we thought it would be a good idea to jump in our car and cross the state of Texas for the Thanksgiving holiday. Heading to El Paso for the holiday was GREAT. Driving across the 2nd largest state in America...less than great. We drove from one of the most eastern cities in Texas to THE most western city. The kids actually did awesome, but the road kept going and going and going. But as we pulled into the city limits and saw the lightscape of the sister cities (Juarez/El Paso), it was all worth it.

Both families (mine and Cliff's) gathered at my in-laws to celebrate the day. Our families are great friends and have lived near each other and gone to church together for years and years. So, it's always a blast to mesh the two, and saves us from eating multiple T-day dinners. It's always a party at the Jessups! Jordan, Rachel, and Gavin also came in for the holiday, so a fun time was had. We missed Tanner and Charee's family, as well as Deborah and Cecilio's. Stone was devastated when he realized his El Paso partner-in-crime, Danny, would be away.

Dinner was AMAZING, and as usual, there was just too much to choose from.

We also spent some time with our Bracken cousins, and the boys LOVED playing in the leaves. I love fall in Texas. Love, love, love it.

A trip to El Paso would not be complete without a stop to Chicos.

My chicka at Chicos with Marcy:


Can you tell we're related?!

My grandma has relocated to El Paso, and as always, we love seeing her. We went shopping the day after Thanksgiving, and she had me LAUGHING.
During the break, I had a few photo shoots, one being my beee-utiful pregnant sister (in law). My dad had some hook ups to the golf course, and we hopped on 3 golf carts, and headed out to take pictures. Below is the famous weapon that Stone used to run over Emerson and me. We were all standing around, when Stone snuck back onto the golf cart, turned it on, and started driving the dang the thing. Cliff chased him and grabbed him out, while my Dad turned it off. He ran over us, and apparently I let out a scream, but all was well. Luckily Emerson was fine, and all I had to show for the accident was a sore knee later that day. This kid can operate machinery, let me tell ya. He knew exactly how to handle the thing. Had he not run us over, I'm not sure how we would have stopped him.
While we were out there taking Rachel's pictures, we managed to get a few family ones, as well. Thank you, Jordan, for snapping these.

We LOVE going home to El Paso, we LOVE the Mexican food, and we LOVE our families. We hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Emerson is Walking!

I took a break from Christmas decorating to capture this cute little thing walking. She started walking about a month ago, but maxed out at 4 steps. After our Thanksgiving trip to El Paso, she suddenly decided to walk everywhere, rather than crawl. She'll now stand up wherever she is and walk. She even gets through the little obstacle known as Stone, as he runs in front of her. Walking baby+Christmas tree=no good.

Up next: Our Thanksgiving Trip