Monday, May 28, 2012


Oh blog, how I have neglected you!

It's been a MONTH! I can blame the absence on traveling, being a full time mommy, photographer, and I guess I can throw in that I'm 6 months pregnant. Life has not slowed down, my babies are growing up too fast, getting major attitudes, and their witty personalities continue to impress and entertain me each day. Rather than an overwhelming journal entry, here's what we've been up to in a nutshell:

*EL PASO* Went to El Paso for a couple weeks where I shot two weddings, and where we spent lots of time with our family, whom we love love love. We saw both sets of parents, and Stone and Emerson continued to fall in love even more with each one. They adore their grandparents.

Makeovers: If there's one thing Emerson loves more than life itself, it might possibly be makeup. EVERY day she asks me to put my makeup on her as I'm applying it to myself. Grandma Jessup (Marcy) indulged in Emerson's infatuation, and gave her a makeover several times:


The twins (Emerson's adorable cousins) got in on the fun, as well:
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Stone spent as much time as we could with his best friend/cousin, Danny. A few days before we left for El Paso, we had Family Home Evening. We emphasized good manners to Stone, and how he was going to play nice while we were in EPT. He said, "Okay, but and Danny rough play. That's just what we do. Okay?"

This is what he means:

Definitely played superheros with Danny (like 24/7), had 2 sleep overs with him, and got really sad when he realized it was time to say goodbye.

Stone also went swimming with Papa Dan (my dad):

Photobucket Photobucket

...and Emerson and I sat on the side. Poor Emerson got a horrible cough from me (and I got it from Cliff), and then she developed her first ear infection ever. ....actually, the first ear infection to actually come into this house. She had several sick days in El Paso, but was such a good sport.

We also made it to the park with all the El Paso cousins, and we tried desperately to get a picture of them all. I was hoping to have a great one for Marcy for Mother's Day, but we couldn't quite pull it off. This is the best we got:

We may have been able to make that work, but we were missing two behind the rock wall!

Marlene tried to get Sebastian and Luke to join in, but they had other plans:

We also saw Grandma Dotty (my Grandma--my mom's mom) and the Brackens (my Aunt, Uncle, Cousin). Believe it or not, we did not manage to get a 4 generation picture. It's a tradition every time we are together. We did snap a pic in Best Buy on my mom's camera, so I will have to get that from her.

And before I wrap up, let me tell you the pepper spray story:

Did I mention we drove? And when I say drove, I mean DROVE. Like across the entire state of Texas. Have you heard Texas is the 2nd largest state in the country? Yes, we trekked from just about as east as you can get in Texas, to literally as far west as you can get.

Our kids did GREAT. They entertained themselves, they got along well each other, and they had several naps. It all went great, except for a horrendous 20 minute stretch.

Okay, really, this is an entertaining story, though a bit long...
I started to smell rubbing alcohol. I turned around, and asked Stone what I was smelling. There he was, holding my pepper spray pen (pepper spray disguised well as a pen). Not sure how or why it ended up in Cliff's bag next to him, but he got into it, and there was a puddle on his lap.

We were in the middle of nowhere. I had just finished my bottle of water, and emphasized to Stone to NOT touch his eyes. I tried rubbing his hands off best I could with wipes, and again warned him.

Meanwhile, I was having a cough attack (remember, we all had a horrible cough). Mucus (TMI, I know) filled my mouth, and I started gagging. I rolled down the window to spit it out (keep in mind we're going about 75 MPH), just to get it all flung back all across my cheek. I turned to Cliff and said, "OH MY GOSH!!! LOOK!" Cliff then started to gag while he drove.

That made me laugh, which induced another coughing attack, which created another mouthful of mucus. Again, I was not going to swallow it, and thought I'd try this again (still hadn't wiped my face off). AGAIN, it gets all over my face. Again, Cliff starts to gag.

Just then, Stone starts SCREAMING from the backseat. His eyes are glued shut, and he says he rubbed his eyes. We panic just a bit, pull over, and pour some Perrier on his face (last drink in the car). After 10 minutes of enduring pepper spray in his eyes, he cools down a bit.

Meanwhile, my bladder control is nonexistent with this pregnancy. After all the coughing and laughing, I decide to do some business on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere while we are stopped (again, TMI, I know). I grab a wipe from my front seat, and moments later, I realized I had grabbed the PEPPER SPRAY WIPE.

Snot all over my face (which I did wipe off immediately after the 2nd attack). Burning crotch. Stone suffering in the back seat. Cliff gagging.

We get ourselves together, and continue to trek. A minute later Cliff screams, "AHHH! Take the wheel!! PEPPER SPRAY!" Cliff had rubbed his eyes after helping Stone. So I grab the wheel, we pull over again. We switch seats, we continue.

Two minutes later Emerson opens her back door, and the door flies open on the highway.

We stop again.

We take a deep breath. Snot on the face. Pepper spray in 4 year old eyes. Pepper spray in mama's crotch. Pepper spray in Daddy's eyes. Emerson's back door flying open. All in 20 minutes.

We got our act together, and finished the looooong drive.

....and that, my friends, is the pepper spray story.


We had a fabulous time in El Paso, as usual. Life continues to go at a record pace, and we are just trying to keep up with it.

I will NOT neglect the blog like this again (fingers crossed).