Tuesday, March 24, 2015

1st Photo Shoot {Cruz Rockwell Jessup}

Oh Cruz, we love you so much already!! Who smiles when they are 2 days old?! The rest of the world will tell me it's gas, and not genuine smiles. But since I'm actually back-dating this post, and have had you for several months now (shhh!), I can tell you that you never stopped. This smile is consistent. Day in and day out. Started at 2 days, and you kept it up. But I will post more details about your perfect little self in a future post. 

Monday, March 23, 2015

Cruz Rockwell Jessup :: March 20, 2015

March 20, 2015
9 Pounds, 1 Ounce
21 Inches Long

Cruz Rockwell Jessup arrived as the best present I could have asked for my 30th birthday. He is perfect. We are so incredibly in love. You think your heart is as full of love as it could possibly be with one, then it expands for two...then three....now four. It's amazing the capacity we have for love, and how REAL it is.

Like the birth stories of the other 3, it was pretty smooth, pretty quick, and nothing much to report, other than the beautiful presence felt as soon as that sweet baby was born. It's always so incredibly crazy to feel the baby kicking in the womb one minute, and have him on my chest the next. The fact there are {many!} people that believe life does not begin in the womb drives me absolutely insane. You can't tell me that baby was not a baby a few minutes before, or 9 months before that. He was LIFE the minute conceived, and how special and awesome is that?!

We went in to be induced at about 7am. They already had a room for us, and we pretty much walked right in and got hooked up. By the time I gave them my information and got rolling, it took the little guy about 4 hours to make his debut. Thankfully no complications, and really, I could not have asked for a better delivery. All 4 deliveries were smooth, all under 4 hours.

People say we make clones. This one fooled us. He came out HUGE. The others were 7lbs 14 oz and less. Cruz surprised us! As soon as he came out, the nurse said I should nurse him as soon as possible. My doctor said, "Ummmm. I think he's ready for cereal!" ha! His cute chubby, swollen face had such a different look than the other 3 at birth. A few days later, he fell right back into our little mold, and quickly began looking JUST like Knox as a new born. Well, and Knox looked like Emerson, and Emerson like Stone. But hey, we make cute babies, so there's nothing wrong with another clone. 

This epidural was perfect, and slowly began wearing off at the exact moment I needed it to. Right when I needed to begin pushing, I was able to feel the pressure just as I needed to. I told the nurse I suddenly felt the pressure, and told her he was coming. She checked me out, and said, "OH YES HE'S COMING. LET ME SEE WHERE THE DOCTOR IS." 

I asked her, "Have you ever deliver a baby on your own?"
She said, "Yep!"
I said, "How did that go?!"
She said, "Let's save that story for after your delivery."
Haha! Good thing I'm easy going and laughed that one off.

The doctor was in there 5 minutes later, and Cruz came 10 minutes (if that?!) later.

Welcome Cruz!! We love you to pieces already!!

Every time I look at my last picture of each pregnancy, I can't believe I was able to expand like I did. From head to toe. From boo-tay to belly. I mean, seriously. God truly made our bodies amazing and well...stretchy.

Heading home...

And the minute he got home, his new siblings wanted him IMMEDIATELY. 

You may recall that Emerson was quite heartbroken when she learned we were having a boy. Well, you can she quickly forgot how badly she wanted a girl, because she was full of joy and excitement as she held her brother...

And then there were 4...

Okay, so Knox truly is loving having a baby, but this picture says so many things, doesn't it?? The moment he realized he was not the baby anymore... I know it looks so sad, but the next minute he was kissing on the little guy.