Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Valentine's Day

I'm a fan of Valentine's Day. I'm surprised how many people I see on Facebook dissing the day, particularly from those that are happily hitched (I can understand the bitter feelings it can cause for those unattached). I saw several statuses this year (and last) saying that our spouses should treat us every day like it's Valentine's Day. Yes, I think we should treat our spouse as a king or queen daily, but this special day gives us a chance to do something unique for our lov-a. I love the day full of love!

The week before Valentine's Day, we went to our playgroup party and passed out Valentines. I took these cute pictures of my kiddos:

And made these:

(Don't worry, the suckers we handed out were wrapped and untouched. When I finally got around to snapping these quickly, I had one sucker that found it's way into Stone's mouth).

We had a fabulous day that started out with red velvet crepes, ended with a date, and fun things in between.

I LOVE my lov-a and my babes. LIFE IS GOOD.

Monday, February 13, 2012

My babes

I'm due for an update, but I really don't have anything specific to report! Last week was a busy week, and this week is catching right up to it. We had a Valentine's Day party with our playgroup, I had Activity Day with the young girls in our church, Cliff and I both spoke in church yesterday, I prepared and taught Sharing Time for primary yesterday, Cliff taught the men in church yesterday, and Stone gave a talk in primary yesterday.

These kiddos are becoming the best of friends. They always have had a sweet (and sometimes cranky) bond. They have their moments when they get angry at each other (like Stone throwing a tub of Aquaphor at Emerson's head, causing a significant bump {but not quite as big as his recent goose egg} was not a happy hour at our home--sad baby, disciplined boy, upset mama). But most of the time, they chase each other around happily, Stone gives Emerson piggy back rides (which is hilarious to watch), and they sneak snacks out of the pantry together. Their relationship often reminds me of my relationship with my brother, Jordan (but instead of sneaking snacks, we'd stir up some muffin mix with the candy berries in it, and eat it straight from the bowl...and instead of chucking a tub at my head, we have an incident that I will refer to as "you can doooo it!").

I love these kiddos. They make me a happy mama.

Do you recognize the cape? He wore it in a picture with Emerson here. It was from his Superman Halloween courtesy of my mom.