Saturday, July 13, 2013

Stone plays ball!

This past spring, Stone was in t-ball for the first time. He didn't find it too thrilling at first, but as the season progressed, and as he learned the sport, he began to enjoy himself. He's such an athletic boy, so put him in something he gets to run around in, and he quickly finds the pleasure in it. He now has soccer and t-ball under his belt, and we are gearing up for the long awaited sport (since we first found out he was a boy) (we just registered him). 

This year he was on the Cubs. I'd like to give it another try, as we move on up to baseball next year. 

We went outside after the season was over for a few portraits. Problem is, he is missing his baseball shirt, so he got to sport mine. :)

He did NOT want to take these pictures. You can't tell, can you?!--

She's got to do everything her brother does, just with a little girl flare to it. Red Christmas dress, pink princess slippers, and a few twirls...

We all had Stone supporter shirts on. I made the kiddos, and we sported them to every game...

This was his first game...

Batting practice in our yard...

Fun season!

Went from 5 to 60!

While we were away in the morning on Stone's birthday, Cliff got a ton of balloons, and a few little surprises for Stone, including a mustache balloon, and a pack of fake mustaches, and put them up the stairs and all over his room. Stone and Emerson had a blast putting them on all day! I love my little old man and lady!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Stone V. 6.0

I know it's so cliche, and I know I say this regularly, but TIME flies, and I feel like this little man was just barely swaddled up in a receiving blanket, cuddled up to my chest. He just turned 6, and I can't believe it. This kid is awesome. I mean AWESOME. He has incredible wit, and perfect comedic timing....and has had these two traits for quite a while now. In the last 6 months, he has turned a corner, and transformed from a a toddler kid to a little man kid. These days, he is SO quick to help me. He watches Knox for me if I need to run upstairs real quick. He takes the trash out and does well with his chores. He sticks up for his little sister in public places (in the home, it might be a little different), and he regularly asks me about Jesus Christ, which I love.

Here are a few things about him:

*Still has an obsession with Superheroes. I don't think he will ever outgrow this one. I'm afraid we'll be taking off his Superman cape before his first date when he's 16 (I hope that is hyperbole hehe).

*He starts Kindergarten this fall! Ahhh, I'm not ready for this one!

*He is beginning to read, and rocks at it. 

*He LOVES learning. His brain has always been a little sponge. He loves loves loves to learn.

*He has an incredible memory and loves to memorize things.

*Finally eats cereal with milk (he's always preferred dry cereal with a cup of milk to drink).

*His favorite meal is chicken cordon blue.

*He loves to break dance.

*Continues to be super athletic.

*Loves to sing (I need to get him on the guitar now!)

*Talks about girls now. Like A LOT. Uh oh! Got a Jessup on our hands!

We love this kid so much. I am SO grateful he calls me mom. He is the perfect kid to lead this family.

Love love love him. Happy birthday, Stone!!!