Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Too young?!

FIRST, I walked into the kitchen last night to find Emerson crawling around with red powder on her onesie, a red mouth, and a cheeto sticking out. WHAT?!

Do I have any Flamin' Hot Cheetos fans out there? These chips are pretty much a staple in this household. They go on every road trip with us, and I buy them when I plan to make tuna fish sandwiches. Last night, Emerson found a handful Stone had left hanging around on his little table in the kitchen, and it appeared as though she was in heaven.

I immediately grabbed them out of her mouth and nursed her, afraid that she might go into some sort of cough attack or have trouble breathing. They didn't even phase her! We caught Stone getting in the bag at a young age, as well, but not this young!

NEXT, I've tried hard {eh, kind of} to keep my babies sugar virgins until their first birthday, and then let them bury themselves in cake and ice cream on that special day. And well, I've come to the conclusion, no matter how hard I try, that just WON'T happen in this house or family.

For example, my mom shared some ice cream with Stone near his 6 month birthday. I think the Jessup grandparents sneaked some ice cream to him around then, as well. My dad sneaked him some chocolate pudding around that same time, and I think he was going to try to deny it until the binky gave it away.

How did the binky give it away? Exactly how it gave away Stone's master plan last night. See video below.

*Please note her red onesie from the cheetos.
*Please excuse the fact that I have done no decorating yet. I really plan to decorate this week. Work has just been time consuming!
*Yes, Stone hangs out in his undies sometimes.

*So, in case you're wondering, Stone took her binkey to the plate of chocolate cake, "dipped" it in, and fed it to her.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Kendal Jessup Photography

Oh how I've neglected this blog lately!

We are are a bit more settled in our new home and town, and we've been crazy busy. We're back to a routine {for the most part}, which means I'll be faithful to this blog again!

Before I share updates on my family, I'd like to introduce a project I've been working on for a couple months now. AN OFFICIAL WEBSITE (click here) for my photography business! You'll notice a name change. My college roommate, Erin, designed my awesome, new logo. Erin and I met at EFY when we were 14. We stayed in touch through high school (I lived in Texas, and she lived in Washington state), and we decided to room together in college. She is now a talented designer!!

I also have a new photo blog! The link to it has replaced my Silver Sixpence link on the far right side of this blog.

I am SO excited to continue photography in east Texas. It may take a while to build my business up over here, but I'm excited. Take a look!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Friday, August 6, 2010

I'm Done!

It's hard for me to write a post without a picture, so I'll start with this. This gives you an idea how entertaining this kid is. Just before we left town, Stone had his 3 year check up, and Emerson her 6 month. Isn't this kid hilarious??


At the risk of sounding overly dramatic, the last few weeks have been some of the hardest ever. I am not one to get stressed out. I rarely feel overwhelmed. In fact, I'm quite the busy bee. I enjoy a plate full of responsibility and tasks. But everyone has their limits, and I recently surpassed mine.

If you don't feel like reading this post, the following 36 hour stretch I recently lived through describes the kind of life we've been living the last three weeks (and I wish I were exaggerating). It went something like this:

Drove from Lubbock to El Paso, shot a wedding in El Paso, shot a bride {plus groom} session at White Sands (awesome! and our kids had fun there, too), headed to Detroit and Flint Michigan for a new-business pitch (if you read my blog, you know I work from home for an advertising agency), won said business (hooray!), immediately headed back to Lubbock to finish packing the moving truck, got positioned in our moving caravan about 3am, started our trek to east TX, and arrived safely in Longview, Texas. Those 3 days were HARD. Have I even mentioned on here that we were moving? Well, we did.

Those 3 days were intense, but that is the pinnacle of it all. However, the events leading to it were nearly as intense. Like, getting as ill as I've ever been (possibly strep, but there was no time to see a doc), completely (100%!) loosing my taken-for-granted sense of taste and smell for about a week (agh!!), aches and pains, a horrible cough, some kind of sinus infection, etc. Today was my first day to wake up with a normal throat. To add to it all, Cliff was wrapping up his summer studies of the bar (and if you're not familiar with the prep for this test, to say it's intense is the greatest understatement ever made), and that made him pretty unavailable. PRIOR to all of this, I started packing, THEN, I got the invitation to be a part of the new-business pitch, which led to an advancement in my company once we obtained said business. But the preparation for the business pitch took me from a part time employee for two weeks to not only a full time employee, but an overtime employee, ON TOP of still being a full time stay-at-home mommy. Which meant, I was doing a lot of work in the middle of the night and early morning, completely and totally ill, while still fitting some major packing into the mix.

There, does it sound like I'm drowning in self pity? Oh well. I can't begin to describe the feeling of relief I have, now that these 2 weeks are behind, and we are settling into our new place. I finally took an overdue nap today, my health is returning, and things are looking bright. And while these last few weeks were so stressful, a lot of it was good stress, but stress, nonetheless.

So how did we move across the state of Texas with two kids, and my absence from packing for 24 hours whilst in Michigan? Her name is Marcy Jessup, my mother-in-law. Holy cow, this lady is an answer to our prayers. I really did not know how we were going to make it through those 3 days, and she came to the rescue. I'm sure she had NO idea how much she would be working. I thought I had made great progress packing before we headed to El Paso, so you can imagine my discouragement when Cliff said they packed all my boxes in the truck in about an hour, and the other 13 hours were spent packing up the rest of the house. Cliff's AC in his truck went out, and Marcy generously drove it across the state of Texas, while Cliff drove the moving truck, and I drove our car. All while being an amazing grandma to my kids. We don't even know how to express our gratitude.

In closing, I need to say that Heavenly Father knows each of us individually and knows our needs. We have struggles, but he's always there for us, and he answered my prayers these last few weeks in different ways. Some people might argue that if he listens to us, we wouldn't have these trials, but I know that we have these trials to build our faith in him, to make us stronger people, and to prepare us for bigger things down the road. He heard me this week, and my faith grew. My words probably don't describe the intensity of our lives these last few weeks, but it was tough, and I'm grateful to have a loving Heavenly Father to watch over and protect us.