Monday, September 27, 2010

CC Comes to Town

We just wrapped up a fun week with my mom! My mom came to town last week to help watch our kids while I went on a quick business trip to Michigan. I left Tuesday, came back Wednesday, and I think Stone may have kicked her butt! Okay, not really, because my mom is awesome, but this kid is unreal. Really. He has more energy than any person I know, and loves to put on a show. ...24/7 actually. He had a blast with my mom! It also gave Emerson and my mom a chance to bond. Even if that meant little Emmy throwing up chunks of bannanas on my mom, forcing my mom into a gagging episode (those who know my mom, know that she has a hyper-sensitive gagging reflex). Stone and I got a kick out of it and couldn't stop laughing! My mom really is such a wonderful grandma and mom! We had a blast with her! We were sad to see her go!! We love you, thanks for coming, mom!!
Sonic Oceanwater + Hide and Go Seek= Quick 2 hour drive to the airport.
Stone thought hide and go seek sitting next to my mom was the greatest thing. You can tell by his faces below. I love the little things that keep this kid entertained, and wow, my mom is a good sport!
We miss you already, CC!

Friday, September 17, 2010

I love nursing

Is that okay to say on here?

By the time I weaned Stone, I was ready for a little freedom, and perhaps I will be like that in a few months when I begin to wean Emerson. And when I say freedom, I mean not planning everything around feedings. Because everything is planned around nursing my babe. Sure I often blog or answer work emails while nursing (hello, multi-tasking is a necessity over here), but I love looking down at her face. She'll often look up at me, as if making sure I am paying attention to her. She dances with her feet while eating. Throws them up and down. If I tickle them, she smiles, but tries hard not to loose concentration while eating. However, she is often distracted, and sometimes I have to go to her room, turn off the lights and nurse in silence.

Just some nursing thoughts today while I'm nursing her.

Monday, September 13, 2010

To Dallas for DMB

I was a junior in high school when Cliff left on a two year mission for our church. He knew I'd likely be dating while he was gone (I was in high school still!), and so he left me with his entire Dave Matthews and Pearl Jam collections, so no matter the circumstance I may be in when he returned (flash forward two years and I am in my freshman year at BYU), he'd have an excuse to see me and reclaim good old DMB and Pearl Jam.

Did I mention Cliff is DMB's #1 fan? For Father's Day, I surprised Cliff with tickets to the show. We've been looking forward to it all summer. We had some problems nailing down babysitting plans, and our friends Debbie and John who moved from Lubbock a couple months before us (to the Dallas area) so willingly watched our kids! They are so wonderful, and I am so grateful they came to the rescue. Thanks, Debbie!!

In case you can't tell, we may have be sweating a bit.

A fun time was had, we got home at 1:30am and Cliff spoke in church at 8:30am. WHEW. What a whirlwind of a weekend!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Time to lock them IN.

The other day, Cliff was just getting ready to walk out the door for work, when I was in desperate need of his help. Stone had locked Emerson in her room. At first, I thought no big deal. I often picked the lock of my brother's bedroom growing up. The bobby pin or q-tip works every time. No problemo.


It didn't work. It was jammed, and I could not for the life of me unlock the door. Cliff hurried to his tool box, took off the handle, and the lock was STILL jammed. Next thing I know, Cliff was about to break the door down with his shoulder. WHOA THERE, COWBOY.

"But my baby girl is in there!"

"CLIFF, I can see her. She is fine and happy."

So we took another stab at it, and Cliff unjammed the lock, and placed the handle back on. But this time, the lock is on the outside (strategically done so), and I LOVE IT. It works great as my threat to Stone to stay put at nap time and bed time (he usually comes out about 5 times for water, bathroom, his missing toy, etc.). The thought of being locked in drives him crazy, so he now stays put or he knows what I will do...

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Stone Fix

The craziness never seems to end! Just when I thought we had caught our breath from our crazy whirlwind of a month, August, it keeps going and going. Right now is the most busy time of the year for me for work, but it reminds me football is here! I am working on 4 different football promotions (among other things) with my clients right now. 3 college, 1 NFL. Juggling that and being a full time stay at home mommy has been crazy this month, but I'm wrapping up these projects, and we've been able to do some fun things like park time, swim time, splash pad time, etc.

Soooo...are you ready for a Stone fix? I've heard from several people that I need to write a book about this kid. The things he says, the things he does...anyways.

(by the way, I can't seem to write in between pictures. ugh, blogger drives me crazy sometimes! So, endure the text, then scroll to see the pictures).

The other day, I left Stone downstairs for what I thought was 5 minutes, but apparently it was 15. He came in with my phone, turned it to me, and said, "Look Mommy, it's CC" (CC is my mom). I looked at the phone, and he had been talking to her for 7 minutes.

I grabbed the phone to talk to my mom, and she said he had been talking to her for 15 minutes. She called me, and he answered. I did not hear my phone even ring. I laughed, but said, "well, the phone says 7 " (which by the way, is still a long time to talk to a 3 year old!) She then said, "noooo, this is our SECOND conversation"

Apparently, they had been talking, and my mom THOUGHT he said, "just a minute CC, I'm going to watch my movie and I'll call you back." So my mom hung up.

30 seconds later, her phone rang, she picked it up to say hi to me. But it was Stone. HE CALLED HER BACK.

"CC, you hung up on me." haha!! My mom said, "Noo! You said you were going to watch your movie!"

Stone said, "Noooo....I said I was going to turn it down so I could talk to you."

He called my mom out on that one.

So, since I can't write in between pictures for some reason, below is Stone at White Sands. My dad, Cliff, Stone, Emerson, and Danny, all accompanied me to White Sands when I took bridal portraits there last month. Stone had a BLAST. This picture does not do justice to how cool this place is. He is at the foot of the hills, so you can't see the rolling sand dunes. I will soon post the bridal portraits on my photo blog.
In other news, Emerson is cruising. She's on track for Stone's milestones....something we were not pushing for! You may remember Stone started walking at 8.5 months. Oy. She's following step by step. 6 month crawl, standing up soon after, now cruising, and yesterday, she let go of a box she was holding onto, and stood just fine. She looks too small to be doing this!! As you will see in the last picture, she has discovered Stone's old favorite game--emptying out the DVD case

Ohhh...and she's also swinging in swings at the park, eating bananas like crazy, enjoying oranges in the fruit binkey, and absolutely hating baby food, but loving any other kind of food we are beginning to give her.