Friday, September 25, 2009

Back to the fair!

Remember when we went to the fair last year? Well I can't believe a year has come and gone, and here it is again. Thanks to a tip from Chelsea, we headed out to dollar ride night/free admission/free parking. Quite the steal, I tell ya. Especially considering what we spent at the fair last year. And let me tell ya, it did not dissapoint.

We had a great time with fair food and rides. Check out our fun night.


Stone has grown up SO much!! While I was updating the blog, we watched a video Cliff put together with video clips and pictures from the fair last year. I can't believe how time has flown, and how my baby has GROWN!!!

I can't tell who is more excited for this Dinosaur ride. Can you?

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Doughnuts and Dinosaurs

Stone and I have had a fun couple of days this week. Yesterday, we went swimming, and had the pool and slides all to ourselves, and today, we made a trip to Krispy Kreme and the Science Spectrum. Think this kid was in heaven? Umm, yes. The Science Spectrum seriously is the greatest place for little kids. Stone goes CRAZY. It's basically a 3 story museum full of interactive activities, and fun things to see (including the infamous dinosaur that he tries to avoid, but secretly loves). Above, he's in the play room, and below he is climbing on the giant mouth. There is a sign that says no climbing and sitting, and sure enough, as soon as I snapped a pic, there he was climbing.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Girl Interrupted!

We're a little in shock! It's a G.I.R.L.!!!
The doc had to wiggle this little girl's legs free, but after interrupting her, the doc said "it's a girl!"

Cliff's father's side of the fam had a SLEW of grandsons before a girl ever graced the Sheldon Jessup line. So, we have kind of had the mentality that it would be a boy, though we both secretly felt like it would really be a girl!! I told Cliff that I won't believe it 100% until she arrives! I can't tell you HOW EXCITED I am to buy girl things. Pink, ruffles, lace, leggings, bows, shall I go on? I think I'll stop (I do still feel the need to keep all receipts for anything girl purchased).

Here are some pictures of our little GIRL!!!

Starting with her profile. She's stiking a pose with her arm over her head. She was posing the entire time. It was hard for the doc to get a good profile pic of her.
Next are some 3D images. They are a little bit hard to focus on, but once you do focus, you can see her features clearly! Kind of looks like big lips!! Once again, she has her little arm next to her head.

Below: She's kind of puckering up. Uh oh. That's how her mama got her daddy. :)
And who can resist baby hands?
And here I am at 21 weeks and 1 day! Though I already feel huge, I'm not as big as I was with Stone at this point.
If you're wondering what I'm doing, I was yelling at Stone to get out of my guacamole and mango salsa. I had made both dishes for a church activity, and he was playing in the car. I looked over, and he had grabbed a chip, and was dipping it in.
Cliff will be taking my maternity shots in a few weeks, so more belly pics are on the way.
We are SOOOOO excited!!!!!

Friday, September 11, 2009

The Power of Exercise

I'm not a doctor, but I have this philosophy, that when you're tired, sore, or achy (not to be mistaken with being sick OR injured), a good workout cures it all. Seriously. When I have a kink in my neck (ever since my serving days, I seem to have a chronic kink in my neck)'s gone after a run. When I'm SO tired and really want a nap....gone after a trip to the gym, and my energy levels are back up. When I'm frustrated with something, some free weights melts the aggravation away.

Monday, I stood up awkwardly and fast, and twisted my back. I felt I was more injured than sore, and so I grudgingly took a break from exercise on Tuesday. Well, I hit the gym again Wednesday, with a semi-sore back. And guess what? Pain? GONE.

Nothing like releasing endorphins. I'm an advocate of exercise. It does the body AND soul good. My mom has good fitness tips on her blog at the end of most of her entries. FYI.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

What will it be?


Only six more days until we find out.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Flashback Friday: Friday Night Lights

It's been a while since I did a Flashback Friday. And so, in celebration of the kick off of High School and College football, here is a pic of my man circa 2000. No wonder I fell for him back then. He sure was [is] yummy.AND...we're off to catch a High School football game!

UPDATE SINCE POST: Cliff's not too happy that I posted this picture. But I love it. :)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Silver Sixpence Photography

Have you checked it out yet? You'll see more of this, there.....

Country Charm

Last night at dinner, Cliff said:

"It's so exciting that we can live in a time, where you can turn on the TV, watch a well dressed, intelligent, and well spoken black man walk up on stage and grab a microphone. And to see multitudes of southern Americans who are supposedly backwards and prejudiced, hanging on his every words. It's great to see how quickly such a man can break down racial barriers. Thank You, Darius Rucker."

Okay, but seriously, guys. Have you heard Darius Rucker? You may know his voice as lead singer of Hootie and the Blowfish. We were watching the CMA Music Festival last night, and I am a new fan of this guy! I must admit, I am behind on my country music. I'm not in the car much to listen to the radio, and we don't have cable for CMT/GAC. I had heard him on the radio, and I liked what I heard, but I didn't realize who it was. I was telling Cliff last night, "gosh, he sounds like Counting Crows." No folks, I had Counting Crows confused for Hootie and the Blowfish. He's now a COUNTRY SINGER! I knew he was a familiar voice!

I am a new fan.