Monday, July 26, 2010

Emerson Rose is 6 months!

I can't believe it. This pretty girl is 6 months old today!

She is crawling now! She mimics us like crazy. She is a great sleeper. She let's her voice be heard. She still is SUCH a joy, and such a happy baby. I just can't believe how much faster it seems to go the 2nd time around. I'm soaking up every single minute.

PLEASE notice her first pair of heels. My mom and Aunt Leann got her these awesome shoes, and I can't get over them. LOVE THEM. I made some crazy big hair pieces last night, grabbed my camera tonight, and we headed out to take these.

We feel so lucky and blessed to have this girl in our home.

{and PS!} Cliff takes the bar tomorrow, Wednesday, and Thursday. Studying for this beast has been his full time job this summer, and he has worked so hard for it. Good luck, babe!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Luchador con Cowboy Boots y Emerson

INTRODUCING: Stone, the Luchador (think Nacho Libre). Thank you, Tia Lilia, for adding to Stone's superhero wardrobe. He LOVES it. Stone has been all about this new outfit, his cowboy boots from my Dad and Lisa, and this car from my mom. Does it get much cuter and fun than this?

And of course I have to add pics of Emerson here, too. My kids make me SMILE.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Green Lantern turns 3!

**For those with Google Reader, you probably saw this post last night. I deleted it because the text was all wacky. Is anyone else having blogger problems?? I can't put text between pictures for some reason, so here it is, all up front:**

Last weekend we headed to El Paso to throw our 3-year-old his Superhero birthday party! Below is the invitation that went out. Stone was Green Lantern. The theme was Superheroes, and everything was green. We were a little superhero family. Cliff was Wolverine (grew out his chops--side burns--and all), I was Bat Girl (although Stone kept begging me to be Wonder Woman), and Emerson was Cat Woman.

Before his party, he kept saying, "I'm SO excited". Then, the first guest arrived (Cliff's grandpa), and Stone came running in, hiding in his tent. I asked what was wrong, and he said, "I'm SO shy!" Say what?! We all KNOW he doesn't get that from me!

It didn't take him long to warm up to the guests.

{The day before his party, Kevin (Cliff's dad) surprised him with a giant jumping castle. It was AWESOME. This thing kept getting bigger and bigger as it was inflated. That day, Stone went swimming with my dad (and did front flips off the diving board ALL BY HIMSELF), headed back to the Jessups to jump in the castle for a couple hours, then swam in a little pool at the Jessups. He then uttered words I NEVER thought I'd hear...."Mama. I'm DONE." And then he crashed. There's a first time for everything.}

Back to the party--Stone got awesome gifts from everyone, had a blast in the jumping castle, ate way too much candy, and ended the night with sparklers. Cliff's dad made enough food to feed a {large} army, and as usual, it was FABULOUS! THANK YOU, KEVIN!

A BIG thanks to everyone who came. It was an awesome party, and the next day, Stone asked if we could do it all over again. It's going to be a tough party to top!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Stone 3.0

stone (v. 3.0)

1. superhero by day, ninja by night
2. awesome conversationalist
3. excellent counter
4. one who loves broccoli
5. comedian
6. fabulous big brother
7. great swimmer
8. fast runner

origin: July 12, 2007; Salt Lake City, Utah

1. hurricane, energizer bunny, vuvuzela horn, sunshine

Stone is 3!! I can't believe we have a three year old. We took these portraits tonight, and I think his personality shines through. We had a FABULOUS time in El Paso celebrating his birthday with an AWESOME birthday party. Pictures to come. Stay tuned.

I was tempted to photoshop his bug bites, bumps and bruises. But let's be real. Who wants to erase these blemishes that define this three year old? It's summer time and he's a boy. Maybe when he's a teenager. :)

Happy birthday, Stone! We LOOOOOVE you!!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Sibling love

My mom has made a few comments to me about how she loves that Stone seems to always be touching Emerson in pictures. It is true. Below is a quick shot I got with my phone to show how cute these two are. At all times, he knows where she is and how she is doing. And he is sure to tell me if she has spit up, has a dirty diaper, or has gotten tangled in something.

I love my kids!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Emma and Ella

If you follow my blog, you are familiar with cute Danny on the left (Stone's cousin). Well, his family welcomed in TWINS, Emma and Ella, back in March. Look how cute! And can you believe how much hair this family is blessed with? Danny's hair was the same as a baby. What a cute family.

Well, Stone was going through pictures on my phone, came across this one, and was SO confused. He hasn't met the twins yet, but he sure knows Danny. He came running in last night, a little concerned and very confused.

Stone: MOMMY. This is Danny. And 2 babies???
Me: Yes, he has TWO sisters. Just like you have Emerson. You have one, and he has two.
Stone: Hmmmm {outloud}.
then thinking to himself for a few seconds
Stone: MAMMA. I KNOW. You need to go back to the hospital and get more. I need two babies.
HAHA, not yet, buddy, NOT YET! That does go to show how much he still loves Emerson.