Monday, May 30, 2011

The pout that melts our hearts.

We rarely see this see this...

...but when we do, our hearts melt! There are just a couple things that can bring on the pout. 1. When something is unrightfully taken from her and 2. When mommy scolds her for getting into her makeup. And I use the term "scold" very loosly. Sometimes a simple dissapointed face accompanied with the word "no" can bring it on. (oh, and I'm obviously not scolding her in this clip, nor does it show the pout in action. It's just to show you how happy she is when she gets away with my makeup.)

I can't really blame the girl for getting into my makeup. First, she is just copying her mommy! And second, by the second makeup mishap, I should have learned my lesson to ALWAYS put it away up high. And I mean HIGH. She will climb onto the toilet, and then up to the counter top to get it. She's one determined girl, that's for sure. Photobucket
She is communicating SO WELL with us these days. She understands us great. If I ask her to get something or close something, she does it immediatly. She's proving to be obediant, and I hope it sticks! She folds her arms on command (has been doing that for a while now), she "sings" when we sing, she dances, she does "on your mark, get so, go!", plays tag, and claps for herself when she does something good (could be one of the cutest things!). She is soooo sweet. We LOVE you, Emerson!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

"Daddy needs one"

A few nights ago, I took some senior pictures of Sophia (you can see the sneak peak here. More to come of her on my photo blog SOON). Her parents were kind enough to watch my kids during our photo shoot (they go to our church). While we were gone, Stone and Emerson had a BLAST. Neither wanted to leave, and Stone even threw a fit.

Sophia's dad let them play on his awesome motorcycle. Emerson looks so concerned!

...and that would be, because she IS concerned (see below).... as soon as Stone started the throttle, she freaked out a little... Sophia came to the rescue (she was keeping a watch on Emerson below)...

And then this kid had fun making loud sounds on the bike.
Stone has already asked to go back, and he thinks Daddy needs to buy one now.

Thank you, Rossows for watching my kids! :)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Bundled up in May

I know. I know. You're in shock. Not only does this kid have something on in addition to his undies, but he actually fell asleep in CLOTHES...though not a matching pajama set.

We've had such a hard time keeping clothes on this boy, but these days, we have a hard time stripping him down! He goes around in a coat as "Clark Kent" with his Superman shirt underneath so he can become Superman. ...that's not a shocker. ...he's always some superhero, and switches back between their civilian identity, and their superhero alias (which let me remind you...he knows THEM ALL). Thankfully, we have had BEAUTIFUL weather, which apparently is very uncharacteristic for east Texas. We've been in the mid 70s and 80s, and it's mid May. I'll take it!!! I LOOOVE IT!

The other night, he went to bed in his undies, and when we checked on him before bed, he had put this little ensemble together:

He also refers to himself as Clark whenever he is in a vest.

Next up. ...though it's an unflattering picture of yours truly, I had to post this. My photographer of a son took this photograph. I think this showcases pure talent. Great composition, and he caught our emotion in that moment. Perhaps I will take him along as my 2nd shooter to my next wedding. As for this sweet girl.....she is a doll. She gets into my makeup EVERY day. She has a bottomless stomach and eats ALL the time, but you'd never guess it because she is so petite. She loves to squat in our backyard at the back fence and play with the dogs. ...which by the way, I think it's safe to say that "dog" was her first real world after the usual Mama and Dada. She dances, and carries my phone around while the ipod plays, and she sticks up for herself if Stone takes something away from her.

These two kids continue to keep me busy, and someone in public ALWAYS has something to say about how my hands must be full. Yes, yes they are. But I'd have it no other way.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

She sports the pigtails!

The time has finally come for Emerson to sport pigtails. Though tiny, they are pigtails. She is so stinkin' cute! We love her!

Below, is what many refer to as "The Brown Scowl". Apparently I have a very defined scowl when I'm either A)concentrating or B)disgusted. Cliff will sometimes take his finger and rub it down the center between my eyes when this happens. haha! Emerson had one as a new born, and I was afraid she'd get a permanent wrinkle, it was so pronounced. As Nena (my dad's mom) would sing, "Oh it's great to be a Brown! A Brown never frowns! He's never grumpy or gruff! He'll never bite off your head, 'till you wish you were dead! Oh it's great, I said it's great to be a Brown!". She married into the Brown family, and I think she was singing this sarcastically. :) And thus, the scowl has been passed down.