Monday, June 30, 2008

Mommy (and me!) Sculpting

Many of you know, I have a love not only for running, but for fitness. I have been teaching fitness classes lately, and I am VERY EXCITED to announce my newest endeavor!! I have created a fitness group, Mommy (and me!) Sculpting. This is a fitness group (sessions begin in August) for Moms that focuses on body sculpting, cardiovascular training, and incorporation of baby into this routine. My website is now live:

I know it's hard for moms to find time to exercise, whether they are stay-at-home moms, or working women, so I am excited to help moms reach their fitness goals without sacrificing time spent with their children.

Check out my website!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Flashback Friday: 1955...

....okay, not to 1955, but to Cliff's 1955 Series 1 Chevy Pickup Truck, aka Layla. Joe, a close friend to both of our families, had the frame of this 1955 Chevy sitting in his farm field. Cliff bought it from him for $200, and he and his dad went to town on it. They completely rebuilt it, making this classic a new shiny toy for Cliff. This has always been his baby, and he misses it dearly.

On our move down to Texas, Cliff's dad took "Layla" back to El Paso, where he had some work done on it. Cliff's hoping to get it over here to Lubbock, but with the atrocious gas prices, it's not the most economical decision.

Cliff was kind enough to teach me to drive it when I was 16 (whew, I barely had my license!). He did not dare let any woman sit behind the wheel. I had not yet learned to drive stick, so it was quite the experience. He was very patient with me when the gear grinded several times in our church parking lot where he taught me (he cringes everytime he thinks back to that--which he is doing right now as I type out loud). This must have been the first sign that we would one day tie the knot.

Here is Layla BEFORE:

Cliff is in the middle with his cousins Derek and Daryl on each side.


Beautiful truck, huh?!

A couple pics...

I figured our parents would like to see some recent pics, so here ya go:

Stone brushing his few teeth just before bed.

Attempting to eat a wrapped Kit Kat in his new outfit (thanks, Mom!). He was thrilled when he finally got a bite.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

"Yes, Mom. I've got hair."

Our bald baby showed us today that he indeed has hair. After going for a swim today, this is how his hair dried.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Flashback Friday: Franklin HS c/o 2003

My cousin Lyndsie (who's like a sister!) has "Memory Lane Mondays" on her blog, and they are always fun posts to read. I decided I'd join in with Flashback Fridays!

Today's entry was inspired by some comments I received from my mom regarding my Fathers Day post. Despite my hideous curls for my cheerleading competition, and what looks like a 10 person band in their jeans and t-shirts, Franklin High was quite the high school. Time for reminiscing. Here are some facts about high school and a funny story:

This is the front entrance of Franklin.
  • Franklin High is a 5A school
  • I was pretty much involved in everything you could be. I was cheerleading captain, senior class president, president of the Youth Leadership Organization, very much involved in Student Council, etc. I don't say this to be a braggadocio, as I know most people have absolutely NO desire to be nearly involved in their high school as I was. Just giving you insight to my HS days.

    Here we are at a Pep Rally. Half the school is behind us, the other half in front (well, of those that went to the Pep Rally). I'm there in the middle of the purple circle.

  • My graduating class was about 700 (started off close to 1,000)
  • FHS excelled in EVERYTHING. Always were district champs, always went far into the play offs in all sports, including cheerleading!! Yes, it's a sport. ESPECIALLY in Texas. And I'll give a shout out to our band since my picture from a couple posts ago does not do them justice. They were an award winning team, as well.
  • Everyone wanted to go to Franklin (right, Cliff?? side note: Cliff went to our rival high school down the street). Franklin was fairly new and was one of 2 high schools on the West Side of town (what I like to refer to as the "nice" side of town). The other 28 (literally) high schools were on the other side of town.

So here's a funny story:

After breaking up with a "boyfriend", he said some pretty mean things to me one night (chatting online). Jordan (my brother) happened to see the things he said. Here's the scenario the following morning.

(Jordan in the stairwell at school, unaware I am behind him. Let's give ex-boyfriend the name, Fred. Fred is coming down the stairs, they make eye contact, Jordan begins conversation.)

Jordan: I hear you said some things to my sister last night. You don't talk to girls like that, bro. ESPECIALLY my sister.

Fred: She said things, too, man.

Jordan: I don't care, I want you to apologize to her.

Everyone in the stairs looked down, as they saw shocked Kendal below. Jordan saw me, looked at me, looked at "Fred" and said, "There she is, apologize."

Fred: No way, man.

Jordan: Now.

Fred (head down): Sorry, Kendal.

Jordan: Say it like you mean it.

Fred: Uh, I don't mean it.

Jordan: You're going to pretend like you do.

Fred: (sounding much more sincere, though we know he's totally not) Sorry, Kendal.

Crowd in stairs: "hahaha, YAH!"

Don't feel sorry for "Fred". In normal circumstances, he holds his own. He was just the underclassman standing next to Jordan Brown.

Here is Jordan and me around this time.

Until next Flashback Friday (Cliff and his 1955 Chevy Pick Up Truck)....Peace.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Jessups Heart Spicy Food!

Most people know we LOVE spicy food, but let me give you a little more insight. Cliff would probably say it's not hot enough unless your nose is running. Apparently, Stone loves spicy, as well!

We had some jalapeno pringles, which by our caliber were not spicy, but they definitely had a little kick to it. Especially for an 11 month old. After BEGGING, Cliff gave him one, and he could NOT stop. He might be the perfect commercial for "once you pop, you can't stop." He kept asking for more and more. He's also had salsa, which he loved. Perhaps it's from the spicy food I ate when I was pregnant.
Side note: I'm craving the taco combo (one beef, one chicken) with 6 souffle cups of hot red sauce and 4 of the green salsa from El Azteca right now. I used to make Cliff bring this home to Salt Lake on his way up from school at BYU when I was pregnant. We had lunch there once a week when we were at BYU. Who would have ever thought I'd crave Mexican Food from Utah?? We felt so unsatisfied with Utah's Mexican restaurants and attempts at spicy food (although we did find a couple places that helped our cravings), but El Azteca was the El Paso Mexican we grew up with (actually started by people from El Paso, I believe!). I hope not to offend my Utah peeps, but you must understand--when you grow up on the Mexican border (or are part Mexican, like Cliff), and have Mexican food every day, our expectations are set high.

So here he is with his orange nose from getting into the pringles!
I think Stone has liked spicy foods all along. I never once had heart burn (or threw up) while being pregnant, and Stone never seemed to show signs of dislike in the womb. He continues to be the same today, willing to try anything and everything! Perhaps he's just trying to make his daddy proud!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Fathers Day!!

I know I mention quite frequently how wonderful my husband is, but I thought it appropriate to reiterate the facts today, being Father's Day. Cliff not only is an amazing husband, but he has proven to be the best daddy in just a short 11 months! He was quite terrified as a new dad. I don't think he had ever changed a diaper, and he was soooo gentle with Stone those first few days. I remember running to the grocery store with my mom when Stone was 4 days old, and we left the two boys alone. Cliff called every 5 minutes freaking out asking us to hurry. Needless to say, he is a PRO now!!

The other day, Cliff came home early in the afternoon (much earlier than usual) and Stone PUSHED me out of the way as he ran to the door to greet him. He knows it's play time when Cliff gets home. Cliff is such a great father. I love you, babe!

Next, my Dad!! My dad is the greatest. I remember waking up late at night before he had gone to sleep when I was about 6. I woke up hungry with a sweet tooth, and he baked cookies! I can remember it perfectly. He's always watched out for me!!

My dad is a dare devil. Skydiver, bungee name it, he's done it, or he will do it. For our sixteenth birthdays, he took my brothers and me sky diving. It became our Saturday activity throughout high school if we did not have football or basketball games to go to. He has passed on his dare devil blood to me.

Here we are painting a local day care center for a church service project.

Homecoming game my Senior year in high school.

Here we are at my graduation from BYU.

My dad has always been very athletic. Here we are after running the Salt Lake marathon (My brother, Tanner, my dad and me).

One of the first times Cliff came over to watch a movie at my house, my dad walked in after working out at the gym. Our DVD player wasn't working, so he came in to fix it, and Cliff was intimidated. Not only was my dad his church leader (Bishop) at the time (which immediately caused a bit of intimidation), but Cliff turned to me later and said, "Did you see your Dad's forearm?? He's so buff!" So he didn't need a gun at the door to scare the guys, because he had natural guns.

Here we are at my national cheerleading competition in Dallas my senior year in high school. I know, heinous curls. What was our coach thinking?

Dad, thank you for being the best dad a girl could ask for. You've taught me so much, and I feel so grateful to have you as a father. You are the BEST! I love you!!

Last, but certainly not least, Cliff's dad, Kevin. Kevin is the toughest cowboy (for real) around!! This man stays busy and is the kindest of 'em all. My mom and I were eating at their house for Sunday dinner the night after I broke my arm my senior year, and he said, "Sweety, get over here!" He pulled my chair close to him and cut my famous Jessup Steak for me. I guess I should mention Kevin is FAMOUS for his steaks. He was over the priest quorum (16-18 yr old boys at church) for years and years (just recently released and now works with the college aged kids in the University branch of our church in El Paso). The last Sunday of every month was Steak Night at the Jessups. He cooks up the BEST steaks you have ever tasted. I was NEVER a steak fan until I started dating Cliff, now they have made me an addict for Jessup steaks!!

Here is Cliff and his dad on their trip up to Utah before Cliff entered the MTC (missionary training center for our church).

Kevin, Grandpa Jessup, and Cliff. Three great men!

Kevin has taught his boys the meaning of work. They grew up working their tails off. Thanks to Kevin, he has instilled an amazing work ethic in Cliff. He taught Cliff not just how to be a man, but how to be a tough, strong man. He also taught Cliff to have an appreciation for art in between football and other tough man things.
Thank you, Kevin, for being an amazing and supportive father to Cliff. You have raised one heck of a man. And thank you for welcoming me into the family with open arms before I was even in the family! You have always treated me so wonderfully. I could not ask for a better father-in-law. We love you!

Friday, June 6, 2008

"Let's go, Mom!"

I was making dinner a couple nights ago when I heard Cliff's missing keys jingle. I looked up, and there was Stone, with Cliff's keys attempting to unlock the door from the inside. If you recall (click here), Stone is quite the mimic.