Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Stone's Everywhere and Mom Comes to Town!

My mom came to town this weekend, and we had a blast, as usual! We always have so much fun when she visits. She couldn't believe how much Stone has grown and how fun his little personality is. He is getting into everything these days. He is now trying to balance himself without holding onto anything, and walks along anything he can. Check out some new pics of him from this weekend....

Here's my naked baby:

Here's my mom and Stone:

You can see how fascinated he is with EVERYTHING:

He's a future rock star, as well. He tries to outsing me when I play the guitar (seriously). He LOVES my guitar. I have to keep it out of his reach.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Best Husband EVER

I have the best husband in the world, not to mention the most romantic one. For Valentines Day, Cliff treated me to get my hair done. After my two hour trip to the salon, I came home to find Cliff dressed in a shirt and tie with a candlelit background. There on the table, was an appetizer of jumbo shrimp and coctail sauce, with spininch dip and asiago cheese french bread. Then came the main course: Lobster. Everything was SO good and totally romantic. 

Then, in the middle of dinner, Stone woke up. I walked in, hoping he just needed a pat on the bottom to fall back asleep (amazing how that sometimes works!), but instead, found an irresistable baby dressed in a shirt and tie, as well. Cliff had dressed him up for the occasion! When I pulled my chair out at the table, I found a couple gifts from Cliff and also Stone. Apparently, Stone has excellent taste and got me a gift, himself. Needless to say, Cliff provided a very romantic evening. He has always spoiled me, since day one. And he has always been such a romantic. Love you, Babe!!

Here are a few pictures of my baby on Valentine's Day:

Here is my hair cut from Valentine's day:

Monday, February 11, 2008

He's all over the place!

Stone has mastered the crawl. I think my child will always have a yearning to learn. The minute he mastered the crawl, he started to cruise EVERYWHERE. He now stands up on everything and walks along the edges (of the couch and bed and china cabinet--everything), and consequently, he has had a few bad falls. He slipped and busted his lip on the leg of my computer chair, he slipped and hit his head on our bed frame, and he slipped and banged his head on his dresser. If you ask Cliff what happened, he will say "you should see the other baby." haha. This kid does not have a sense of fear and goes after everything.

Here, you can kind of see his lip in this picture. Yet he still is smiling!

Here you can see the bump above his eye brow. Did I mention how much he LOVES his food? The only thing he does not like is peas. As a side note, I fed him peas one night, and I thought he was handling them well. After a few bites, be wouldn't open his mouth. I could NOT get him to open it. Finally, I realized his cheeks were FULL of peas! He had not swallowed them, and out they came. It was the funniest thing because, of course, he was smiling!

Here are my two men sleeping.

We thought it'd be funny to swaddle the little guy. Usually he would fight it, but he was quite content! Took me back to his new born days...

Enjoying his food!

Here Stone is helping me with my work!

As for me, I am finally coping with the bangs I got when Stone was a week old (I hadn't had bangs since I was 3!). It was quite the adjustment, and I quickly decided I was growing them back out. I've been having fun with them lately, so we shall see.