Sunday, February 21, 2010

Proud Big Brother

Stone is loving being a big brother. Emerson is such a content little baby, that when she does cry, Stone assumes that she must be hungry (which usually is the case if she is crying). He'll say, "Mama, hurry. Baby's hungry again! Feed her!"

Ever since I caught him trying to take her out of the swing, he's been supervised. ....except for a few minutes yesterday when I was doing dishes, and I heard, "Mommy! Come look, hurry!" I RAN into my room, where I had put Emerson (on my bed), and Stone was holding her perfectly. She was completely fine (and sleeping), and Stone was SO proud of himself. I was a little stern and reminded him he can NOT do that. I told him if he wants to hold her, he needs to ask, and I will help him.

Here is the proud brother after church today:
Yesterday, we had a lazy morning, and all cuddled up in our bed once everyone was awake. Stone can not get enough of Emerson:

February has been brutally cold (for Lubbock)...I mean, nothing like we experienced in Utah each winter, but it sure has been colder than we'd like. Well, yesterday, the weather was BEAUTIFUL (and a cold front is rolling in tonight!), so we took advantage of the weather and headed to the park.

Cliff bought Stone a few boomerangs a couple weeks ago, and they take them out almost daily. I didn't realize they were more for Cliff than for Stone. :) I learned this yesterday at the park when Stone was running around on the playground and Cliff was running through the field throwing and catching the boomerangs:
Life as a family of four is awesome. I.LOVE.LIFE.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Hobby + Emerson = FUN

There must be a point where my kids will get sick of me photographing them, but they make my photo hobby so much fun! Here are a few pics we took a few days ago of Emerson. She is three weeks old today, and she's already getting so big!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day & Farewell, CC

First off, Happy Valentines Day! I've gone on and on several times about why I love my husband so much, and how awesome he really is. Rather than a similar post to what's been done on here before, here are a few things lately that remind me I have the BEST husband.

+When I was pregnant, he gave me a massage almost every night. And guess what? It hasn't stopped!
+Since we've had Emerson, he makes sure Stone gets an outing every day, whether it's to the gym, or to the park to throw his boomerangs. It gives Stone a chance to burn off his energy, and it gives me a chance to get a nice nap in.
+He files things I say away in his head, saving them as suprises for me. For example, last week, I mentioned Lady Antebellum's new album came out, and guess what he came home with yesterday? Lady Antebellum.
+He offers to burp, change, and put Emerson back to sleep after her late night feeding, so I can get back to sleep.

I am SO lucky to have him.


As I mentioned a few posts back, my Mom (known as CC to the grandkids), was here helping us with our new addition (well, and our terrible-twos-two-year-old, aka Stone). While she was here, we gave Emerson her first bath, we sewed (can you believe it?!), played silly string with Stone, and just chilled.

First Bath:

Okay, do you remember me saying I got a sewing machine for Christmas? Not this past Christmas....not the Christmas before that...but the Christmas before that (2007). I am ashamed to admit this, but it's never been out of its box. It's just always intimidated me. I've needed someone to show me how to use it, and every trip my mom's been on here, we never get around to it. Well, since I have a girl now, it was inevitable that it would make its way out of the box....AND IT DID! AND I HAD A BLAST! We made some cuuuute burp clothes. ...all of which I hate to use now because they are so dang cute.

Stone's adjusted GREAT with having a new little sister in the house. He loooooooves her. We have to keep our eye on him 24/7. Well, we got some silly string one day, and he had no idea what to expect. He loved it....
My mom got him first:

Then it was his turn to get her:
And I can't leave out the tent. My mom brought a tent for Stone, and boy did this keep him entertained. We finally took it down when my mom left, and decided to pull it out for special occasions, because this is where he napped, slept for the night, and well, where my mom ended up spending more time than I'm sure she anticipated.

We actually got my mom for a bit longer than planned. The Lubbock airport was having major issues, and all flights were canceled for a couple days. Her flight was canceled, then her new flight was delayed twice. Thanks, Mom!! We loved having you here!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Another dose of Emerson with a touch of Stone

I knew we would love this little girl (duh), but I didn't imagine we'd have enough room to love her as much as we do. She is a JOY. She continues to be the EASIEST baby around. PURE JOY.

**oooh, and a photoshoot with my own family is definitely the hardest. ...harder than any client! see the outtakes at the end!**

And this boy is loving her!! I am so glad how much he is loving her. He loves on her almost too much. I caught him trying to take her out of the swing (eeeek!!). Needless to say, he has been supervised around her ever since. He has to kiss her every time he passes her, AND I caught him singing Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star to her. He's still as active as ever, and still in those terrible twos, but he is SO sweet to her. I love my two kids!

OUTTAKES (they speak for themselves):

Friday, February 5, 2010

Sweet, sweet girl.

I couldn't have asked for a more peaceful, good, cuddly baby. This little girl is a doll, and really has melted our hearts. She is SUCH an easy baby. She sleeps a lot (I have to wake her up to feed her most of the time), and when she is awake, she is TOTALLY pleasant. She really only cries if she has a dirty diaper. I LOVE her cuddles. We are blessed to have this sweet girl. WE LOVE HER!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Thank You, Papa Dan

We decided Monday afternoon (which was my due date) after my doctor appointment, that we'd go ahead and be induced Tuesday morning. I called my dad, and he headed over that night to get here in time to take care of Stone. We are so grateful he was here to help! Anyone who knows Stone, knows how much energy this kid has. And my dad was the perfect help. He took great care of him, took him to the park, brought him to the hospital, and gave him plenty of soda and treats. Our minds were at ease knowing he was in my dad's care those first couple of days.

He left Thursday, and my mom got here Friday, and is now here to help. I love my parents, and am grateful they are soooo helpful and loving. Stone loves them, and loves spending time with them!