Monday, September 30, 2013

A man's best friend...

Knox and Apache have a sweet relationship. Much different than Apache with the other two kids (those relationships are much more rough play, chasing oriented). Knox shares his food with the dog, and the dog cuddles up next to Knox.

This particular morning, Knox stole Emerson's yogurt off the kitchen counter and got comfy on the kitchen floor. Then Apache stole the yogurt and got comfy on Emerson's bean bag. Emerson was mad at Knox, and Knox was mad at Apache. Both kids started crying, and I was holding back my laugh. Oh they make life so entertaining!

Friday, September 27, 2013

Little buddies

So I've mentioned Stone and Knox have a sweet bond. Brotherly bond. Stone is his protector against the world. Emerson and Knox also have a fun bond. A little more pesky. They take things from each other, occasionally squeal unpleasantly at each other, but they do have fun together, and they love each other. I love watching the different personalities develop among my babes, and I love witnessing the connections and bonds they form with each other. I hope they will also remain close and be each other's biggest fans. I am theirs.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Funny girl

This funny girl has a nap time routine. She goes through her entire dresser to pick out a new outfit for nap time, and gathers the most random things to sleep with her in her bed. This day, she dug out the baby tub that we haven't used in many months, got her pillow, set it up on her bed, and took a nap. She is hilarious!!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Are you ready for some football?!

As we have picked out boy names in our family, there's always been one rule. It has to pass the football challenge. It has to sound tough, and it has to sound good on the football field. "That's a tackle by Stone Jessup!" or "That's a touchdown by Knox Jessup!" And now, Stone has had the awesome opportunity to participate in this family's beloved sport, football. And he LOVED it. It's by far the happiest he's been in team sports. He loved every second of it. He loved tackling too much (it was flag football--oops!), and he loved the fundamentals his coach taught (or tried for the life of him! haha) to his team. Another Jessup boy enjoys football. Whew!

Texas takes football SERIOUSLY! The games were played at an old high school stadium! What a great experience for these little guys!

What's football without a little blood?! Tough little man! He was more upset that we had to take him home for his bloody nose, than he was for having a bloody nose.

Do you spy Emerson? Hugging her knees, watching the cheerleaders? She LOVED watching them, and got as close as she possibly could. She's not quite old enough, but as soon as she is, she'll be shaking those hips and poms.  She loved football practices. We'd take her trike, and she'd bike almost a mile! Lap after lap!

Knox loved practices just as much. Look at this born leader! Leading the pack!