Monday, October 28, 2013

Mom and Ray come to visit!

My mom and Ray came to Longview to spend a few days with us. We LOVE having company, and we love them! We went to the movies, Air U (indoor trampoline park), antique-ing, and silly string-ing (my mom started the silly string war tradition with Stone when Emerson was a new born!).

 Our trips with them never seem long enough, but we always love them! I need to get some action shots of my mom and I racing at Air U. Cliff has them on his phone. 

Don't mind Stone's fangs...

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Stone Loves School!

Stone is LOVING school. He hasn't complained once about it, and looks forward to it every morning.  We recently had parent-teacher conference, and I know this may be a shocker, but we were told he is the class clown! haha. (in case you're wondering, that is NO shock). This kid gets people laughing. He came home one day, telling me about his girlfriend. I told him he didn't need a girlfriend, because he is too young, and he might hurt other girls' feelings. He said, "Well mom, I don't have one. I have two!" Oh boy. A couple weeks later, he told me he broke up with his girlfriend because she's "too bossy, and just HAS to be the line leader." Break up?! How does he even get the process?! Oh gosh.

Something I LOVE about him is his LOVE for life. Seriously. He soaks up every precious moment that he is blessed with. For instance, the other night, I walked in the bathroom while he was taking a bath, and I poured a cup of water on his head, as I was cleaning up the bathroom a bit. He sat their with his eyes closed, and a full smile on his face, just enjoying the warm water running down his body. Something so simple. Imagine the bigger things. He loves life and truly appreciates it.

He also loves riding the bus. LOVES it. So much.

Most mornings I make him lunch, but once a week or so, he begs to buy lunch. Apparently it's the fun thing to do at school. One day he bought lunch, and came home telling me how much he loves the hot dog. He explained why he didn't like my hot dog (I had no idea!!). He said I put a pickle on his hot dog, and I said, "but you love pickles!" and he said, "Yes, but not on my hot dogs. A pickle on my hot dog is like lentils and desperation." Like I said...class clown.

A couple times a week, parents are welcome to bring lunch for their children. I took Stone McDonalds one day, and he was the happiest kid. Cliff has taken him lunch, as well. We love this kid!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Time Out for Women with one of my favorite women!

The Time Out for Women tour came through Dallas, and the first person I thought to invite was my high school BFF, Shannon. I had never been, and although the retreat is catered to LDS (aka Mormon) women (and Sha-nay-nay is not LDS), she agreed to accompany me, and it was a fun, uplifting weekend. I'll take quality time with this chicka any day. Love you, Shan!

I truly am so grateful for my religion. It's something that I wholeheartedly believe in. When you know something so extraordinary is absolutely true, you just want to share it with everyone.  Which is why I was so happy that Shannon came with me to get a little taste of something that I hold so dear. You just wish everyone would give the gospel a chance. Give God a chance. Give faith a chance.

 I'm not a religion basher. Every religion has pieces of truth to it. Just last week, I was at my church in the middle of the week, and the sister missionaries were giving a tour of the church to a guy in his early twenties. He was greatly moved by a couple different things, and just sat in the chapel with tears in his eyes, and said he had literally not cried in years. He was moved. He was touched. He told us that he doesn't like how people bash religions and pretty much alluded to the idea of "What's the big deal in choosing a church if we all believe in the same God?" For one (among several reasons), we believe in The Plan of Salvation, also known as the Plan of Happiness. Just since then, he's had several lessons, and is loving what he's learning. It's people like him, that listen with an open heart, kneel down on their knees and pray (something that perhaps they NEVER do, or never knew how to), and have the faith that they will receive an answer. I wish more people would give it all a chance like this guy. It's the sweetest thing in my family's life. It's what makes my marriage a rock, and a happy rock at that. It's what helps me be the best mother I can be, and gives me inspiration to live a life worthy to meet my Savior again one day.


Forgive the creepy eyes.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

10 Year High School Reunion!

Ten years ago, I was elected Senior Class President, and I wasn't exactly sure what the entailed. The first thing many people said to me, was, "You'll get to plan our high school reunions!!" I laughed, thinking that day was SO far in the future. Well, I remember those conversations perfectly, and they seem like they took place YESTERDAY. But no, it was a decade ago, and guess who just finished planning and executing a high school reunion? ME!

I'm so glad it's over (the planning process and everything that came along with it), but it was a lot of fun! Lame turn out thanks to social media (so many people told me they felt like they knew everything they had to know from Facebook, so why buy a ticket home?!). I already have some FABULOUS ideas for our 20 year reunion. Haha!

Most of my group of girls from high school attended, and that's what mattered to me personally! It was SO fun catching up with these girls. We had a brunch one morning, and then the actual reunion, which included 2 nights. Though I hadn't seen these girls in such a long time, it was like we had never went separate ways. Facial expressions, laughs, attitudes....they were ALL THE SAME.

These are the girls I hung with ten years ago!

And a picture with my dad just before leaving!...