Sunday, March 30, 2008

August Rush

I have a new favorite movie: August Rush. I heard mixed reviews about the movie, but I am here to say it was supurb. If you have an appreciation for music, I'm sure you will concur. We rented it this weekend, and it has definetly earned a spot in our movie collection. To no surprise, I picked up my guitar afterwards and played for a while. Very inspiring show. Great pick!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

8 months and Walking!

Stone is almost 8 1/2 months, and he's taking his first steps! It started last week in El Paso, but he only did a couple steps at a time. He's progressing more and more each day. Check it out!!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Spring Time

Well, I've said it several times on here, but I'll say it again. I have the best husband. Not to mention ultra-creative. My birthday was Friday, and always falls right around the first day of Spring. I (well, Cliff) :) ordered me a swim suit for my birthday, and I told him that was plenty! Well, he gave me Spring for my birthday! Yes, Spring.

In the front of our apartment, we have a small "patio". It has a tiny gate around it, with a dirt perimeter. Well, Cliff broke up the dirt, planted flowers in the perimeter, hung a flower basket from the patio ceiling, gave me a cute little watering pot, and chair and stand to enjoy the flowers! I never considered such thing, because I didn't think it was possible, considering the available space. What a great surprise, and what a creative husband!! I LOVE it. Now Stone and I have a new place to read books every day! Cliff has always been so thoughtful, and I am so grateful to have him as my hubby. I feel so lucky. He also gave me some things for my guitar, which I love!

That night we went out to eat and then to the drive-in to see a double feature. We watched "Horton Hears a Who" and "Fools Gold". Great movies! It was SUCH a fun experience. Stone slept the whole time (not a peep!) and we had fun goodies in the car. Thank you, Cliff, for the amazing birthday! He takes care of me. :)

If you look closely, or zoom in on the pic above, you can see Stone's first tooth!

Then comes the Easter Bunny. Stone may be too young to understand the holidays, but we couldn't let Easter pass without a basket. Stone got fun books and food for Easter. Here are some pictures to enjoy.

In the picture above, Cliff thinks Stone looks just like my dad.

The basket is now empty, so naturally, it ends up in his mouth...

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Spring Break!

I know it's been a while since my last post. Cliff is on Spring Break, and we started out the break with a trip to El Paso this past weekend. We had a great time with family!! I know I say it every time we visit, but it's so fun to be close to family. Above is a picture I absolutly adore of Danny (Stone's cousin) hugging Stone. We've been so far away the last few years, and now that we're closer, we get to visit more often. It's especially fun because it gives Stone a chance to see his cousins!

We also had the chance to see my Grandma for the first time in a while! She's been on a mission for our church in Puerto Rico, so this was her first time to see Stone. She LOVED spending time with him! Here are a few pictures...

Here is Cliff's dad with Stone.

Here we are with Cliff's mom and Danny.

Here's my dad holding Stone with Cliff's dad on his right.

Here's my Grandma with Stone!

Here we are with my Grandma the next day after she cut her hair.

Here is Stone with his cousin, Sebastian.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Another reason why it's great to be back in TX...

Last week I was on my daily jog with Stone (thank you, aunts, for the stroller--I LOVE it). It seemed that every car that passed, greeted us with a wave or a smile. A couple days later, I made a run to Walgreens in the early morn, and once again, every car that passed had a beaming passenger. I even got the cowboy hat salute at a four way stop. Oh, how I love Texas. Such friendly people!

I grew up in Texas, along the Mexican border. The Mexican culture is a very loving one. It's common to kiss each other's cheeks when greeting, and in high school, it was quite regular to hug friends between classes. It didn't matter if you saw your friend the previous hour, you simply greeted them, again, with a hug. After leaving Texas, I realized how unique these affable gestures were. It's nice to be back in Texas! Yeee-haw.
Unrelated, below are some pics of Stone from this past weekend. This is his Superman swimsuit that my brother, Jordan, and his wife, Rachel, gave Stone shortly after his debut. I've mentioned this before, but Cliff is (has ALWAYS) been a HUGE fan of Superman. Well, after Stone's bath on Saturday, Cliff decided to put the suit on him for the fun of it. He fell asleep just before we went out for some lunch and grocery shopping, so we simply slipped jeans on over it.

Look at his baby blues. :)

Sitting in the grocery cart is something new. In the past, I have hauled in his car seat because he usually takes a nap while I shop, and I (I mean, he) values his naps. As you can see, he loved the change. He held on TIGHT! Look at his grip on both sides. hehehe.