Monday, December 3, 2012

3 Months Old!

Ahhh, time is going so going by way too fast! Knox is 3 months old already (plus a few days). My friend {and old roommate}, Ashley, just mentioned that she wishes she could freeze time right now because she's in such a good place all around. I couldn't agree more. I love the stage of life I'm in right now, and I love all the stages of my kids right now.

Here are some fun 3 month facts of Knox:

*Smiles NON stop
*Talks {coos} NON stop
*We can get him laughing, and we, in turn, laugh just as hard because it's so dang cute
*He's pretty much sleeping through the night!
*He's rolled over a couple times, but I have not witnessed it yet. He's done it for Cliff.
*He goes to the Zumba classes I teach, and sits there SO entertained in his carseat. His eyes are SO wide and he smiles when I get close to his seat. He ends up falling asleep about the last 15 minutes of every class. I think he LOVES the music and loud beats.
*He's an excellent eater, and is wearing 6 months clothes!

Needless to say, we continue to be completely in love with this little guy. The joy and happiness he brings to this family is incredible. WE LOVE HIM.


Connie said...

He is adorable...and I absolutely love and adore him!!!

Ashley said...

OOooo I just wanna squeeze him. So adorable. And I am so jealous he's sleeping through the night. Emma's going on 9 months and we still can't quite figure it out. It's no wonder he sleeps through Zumba, that's probably his comfort place from the womb ;-)

Brei said...

I see so much of you and your brothers in him! Sorry, Cliff-maybe next time!

Kristen and Andrew said...

Such cute shots!! What a stud!

Evan and Lauren said...

He looks just like his mama!! What a sweetie!

Jordan and Rachel said...

Can't wait to meet him!