Tuesday, August 27, 2013


This big milestone always seemed so far in the distance. Somehow, my swaddled baby transformed into this awesome kid, and now, he sits in his Kindergarten class for the first day as I write this. You know your son is ready for Kindergarten, when he's running out the door with his backpack, dragging you out so he can be early on his first day.

Though I left with tears in my eyes, this kid is READY. I'm so excited for everything this school year has to offer to him. In addition to the academics, he has a new teacher and adult role model, new friends, flag football (practice starts today!), and memories he will cherish forever. This morning at breakfast, Cliff was telling Stone all about his first day of Kindergarten (Cliff and Stone both have incredible memories). I told Stone to soak it in, and try hard to always remember this day. It was a fabulous morning.

It started off with our family tradition of our special occasion breakfast--Eggs Benedict (but scrambled!). No shirt and shoes were required this morning... :) A few balloons greeted him at the table.

As I was finishing breakfast, I was the only one awake, and Stone came down with his shoes and socks, and said, "I tried to wake up as early as I could," and had a "let's do this!" attitude radiating, accompanied with a huge smile.

My eyes teared up when I left his campus, but it was so much easier letting him go, knowing he is READY. This kid loves making friends. He has comedic timing and can get a crowd laughing. He's on the verge of reading. He has a great vocabulary and told Cliff last night that he was speaking in hyperbole as Cliff exaggerated. Because he's ready, so am I. :)

This will also be an adjustment for Emerson. They are seriously best buds. From the time she started speaking, Stone has always been able to understand what she's saying before anyone else. They argue off and on all day, but are always running around together and playing. Stone gave her a big kiss on the cheek as we left his classroom this morning (no one prompted him to do so!). He also gave Cliff, Knox, and me big wet ones, as well.

And the one morning the baby decides to sleep in, is the morning we've got to get out the door earlier than usual! We woke him up just in time to leave.

Let's do a side by side of last year and this year:

Oh and one last pic. In prep for today, we got rid of his summer shag...


Connie said...

Such cute, fun pictures! He's so grown up! Glad it was such a great day for him!

The Dalton's said...

He's sooo big!! I love the picture of him walking down the hall. Like, "I'm king of this place". Can't believe you already have a Kindergartner!

Ashley said...

That first week or two of Kindergarten feels like the days are so long and I remember being so anxious to hear how everything went, but it gets better and it's so nice Stone is ready and you don't have to be too worried about him. I love the chalk pictures!