Sunday, December 21, 2014

Merry Christmas Sunday

I love love love the Sunday before Christmas. Stone woke up not feeling so hot, but he allowed a couple pictures to be taken, and made it to church for the Sacrament meeting, and then snuck home. I got to be a part of a trio, and sang, "Oh Come, Oh Come, Emmanuel". Brought back many memories of singing with one of my best friends (Laur-Laur!) in our ward growing up. 
This December has been quite warm, but I won't complain. One of the many reasons why Texas rocks. A white Christmas would be awesome, but I sure love wearing my flip flops on December 22.

Cutest little photo bomb ever (below)!

You can tell he isn't feeling so hot, but he was a good sport to let me snap a few pics.

 And we got one laughing picture with his missing tooth!