Sunday, January 13, 2013

{Knox Sterling} 4 Month Stats

I can't believe this little guy is moving onto solids already! 

He had his 4 month check up this past week, and he's one healthy baby coming in at 16.6 pounds (75th percentile), and measuring 27 inches (96th percentile).  The night of his check up, we started rice cereal, and may have thrown in a small dash of sweet potatoes. He wasn't too sure what to think of it at first, but he sure seemed to enjoy it after the initial shock.

Some things about this sweet boy now:

*We've got a roller! Apparently he rolled for Cliff a month ago (multiple times), but it wasn't until this past week that he really became a roller. He'll rarely stay on his back now if I put him down. 
*He is the cuddliest baby. Cheek to cheek contact puts him out in an instant. If I lay down with him, and snuggle him, again, he's out in an instant. If he gets fussy (which is rare!), a quick cuddle to my chest calms him. If I lay down next to him, he rolls into me, until his face is close to me.
*I can get him to smile on command pretty much at any given moment, and Cliff can get him to laugh on command. He is SO happy.
*He honestly (and really...HONESTLY) never fusses! He fusses if he's hungry, and sometimes when he has a dirty diaper. 
*As cheesy as this sounds, I feel like he reads me and understands me. For instance, he is such a good eater, and when he's hungry, he's HUNGRY, and that's when he gets fussy. But if I have something I NEED to get done (like get Stone's lunch made and send him out the door with Cliff), I'll say, "Just give me a minute, and I'll be right there!," and he just sits there patiently waiting, trusting that I'll get to him as soon as I can. I feel like he knows when I'm frustrated with something, and he just sits there smiling and coo-ing. He never gives me a hard time! Oh how I wish this attitude could last forever.
*We don't take this sweet boy for granted. I think mommies with easy babies can sometimes take for granted that blessing. I don't know if it was his big ordeal a couple months ago, but I cherish every single moment with him. Every noise, every smile, every feeding, every cuddle, every cry. There is NOTHING about this boy that I take for granted. I soak up every little thing he has to offer me.
*Knox makes me want to be a better mother. Since he is so easy, and so happy, I feel like I need to up my game and give him reason to be such an awesome baby. Does that make sense? I love him.
*I have conflicting feelings on how time has passed these last 4 months. One moment, it feels like I just gave birth yesterday. Another moment, I feel like this little guy has been with us forever. We've already been through so much with him, and he was the PERFECT addition to this family. We are all in love with this little guy.


Connie said...

Knox is such a gorgeous, delightful and adorable little him tons!

Ashley said...

OH man I love that he is such a cuddly baby. So sweet, and it was really fun catching up on your other posts. I'm glad the trampoline is so useful for you guys so far. I love that you got a couple days of snow! They looked happy and man your yard looks so big and fun! Someday maybe I'll visit in real!